Blog: High-quality wastewater treatment

Blog: High-quality wastewater treatment

Tom Smith, director of operations and marketing at Anua, and Approved Contributing Expert at ProudGreenHome:

A three-bedroom home on a small lot in Juneau, Alaska had a failed drainfield and limited space for a replacement solution. No room was available for a conventional drainfield. Direct discharge of treated effluent was not an option.

The situation called for an all-in-one treatment and dosing system that would be robust, provide effluent by-pass protection and consistently produce high-quality effluent for dispersal into a reduced sized area.

Sloan Swendsen, co-owner of Juneau Septic Services, designed a solution:

In-ground pad for dispersal of the effluent weeping from the base of the Puraflo modules.

The combination of the Platinum and Puraflo produces an effluent that achieves a 5:5 mg/l BOD:TSS standard with significant pathogen reduction. That's 95 percent clean wastewater versus 40 percent that comes directly from a septic tank.

The Platinum submerged aerated filter, combined with the Puraflo peat fiber biofilter, provides:

exceptional effluent qualityextremely small footprinthigh level of nitrogen and pathogen reductionlow life cycle costs compared to other optionsreliability and peace of mind

If you are replacing or installing an onsite wastewater treatment solution in a small space, you may want to consider a Platinum/Puraflo combination.

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