Blu Homes and Redfin team up to create new home buying experience

Blu Homes and Redfin team up to create new home buying experience

Green homebuilder Blu Homes and technology-powered real estate broker Redfin have teamed up to make building a sustainable home on well-chosen land easier than ever. Customers can now find and buy property through Redfin, and then immediately personalize, site, and build their new home on that land with Blu.

The collaboration is now active for customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expected to expand nationally in the coming months.

"This partnership is unique as it brings together two pioneering, customer-centered companies that have already independently improved the process of buying and building homes. Together, the result is a completely new, smoother and more buyer-friendly process for the client," said Maura McCarthy, vice president of strategic development for Blu Homes.

"This has the potential to really shake up the way Americans approach building their dream home. With 97 percent of its customers saying they would recommend tech-savvy Redfin to others, we know we are partnering with the right company."

Blu Homes makes precision-built, healthy green homes accessible to more Americans thanks to advanced building technology and a streamlined, "A to Z" homebuilding approach. While demand for Blu homes continues to grow exponentially, 80 percent of Blu's prospective customers do not have land.

Redfin has access to hundreds of listings for land in Northern California alone, and more than 100,000 land listings across the country. From the beginning, Redfin has been committed to reinventing real estate in consumers' favor through technology, advocacy for clients, and value. Like other Redfin buyers, most Blu Home customers will receive a refund of a portion of the agent's commission when buying land through Redfin.

"Bringing together a technology-powered real estate broker like Redfin and a technology-driven homebuilder like Blu has the potential to transform the way consumers think about the home-buying process on a very large scale," said Adam Wiener, Redfin's vice president of new business and analytics. "We are focused on a customer-centric model that makes it simpler than ever to find a special piece of land and build a beautiful, green home."

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