Boral Bricks will wrap the Proud Green Home at Serenbe

Boral Bricks will wrap the Proud Green Home at Serenbe

The Proud Green Home at Serenbe at Serenbe will be proudly clad in products from Boral Bricks.

Boral Bricks, the nation’s largest brick and paver manufacturer and distributor, is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable building practices as a manufacturing sponsor of the The Proud Green Home at Serenbe. 

Located within Serenbe, a 1,000-acre greenfield community 30 miles southwest of Atlanta, the home aims to educate and inspire building professionals and consumers about sustainable, green and high performance home strategies and products. 

During the the construction phase in spring 2013 and the first year of occupancy, the nearly net-zero energy efficiency home will be on display and promoted through onsite tours and events, and via an online campaign on

“We are extremely excited to be involved with The Proud Green Home at Serenbe,” said Boral Bricks Director of Marketing Shelley Ross. “Serenbe is a beautiful, warm and eco-designed community with buildings of the highest quality, and The Proud Green Home will be a wonderful reflection of that.”  

Boral Bricks will be used in both interior and exterior applications on the Proud Green Home at Serenbe. Their Commercial Brick in Cannon was selected as the home’s primary exterior cladding material, which will complement the contemporary style of the home. It will also allow it to stand out among the other homes in the neighborhood that are primarily clad with stone. 

Boral’s clean looking architectural brick will be used in a uniformed stacked bond and cover nearly 1,500 square feet of total wall surface. The same brick will be easily incorporated into other interior elements of the house, bringing the indoors and outdoors comfortably together and giving it a lot of warmth and character. As a focal point of the main living space, a large brick wall will serve as a backdrop to a floating staircase inside the home. 

There are many eco-friendly and sustainable benefits to Boral bricks. Brick is a green choice for homes because of its long life and durability. They are made from two of the most abundant natural materials on the planet: clay and shale, which are harvested from the earth by a process that has minimal long-term environmental effects on the land. Bricks are recyclable and biodegradable. And brick construction provides the advantages of thermal mass, holding temperatures constant longer than other materials, resulting in interior environments with greater energy efficiency.

“Our participation in The Proud Green Home at Serenbe will not only enable us to showcase the beauty and style of our better-performing sustainable bricks, but actually educate consumers and other building professionals on the innovation behind our products and company to a worldwide audience,” said Ross.

Take the fully immersive 3D tour of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

For more information, see our Proud Green Home at Serenbe Research Center.

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