Brett Roeth addresses sustainable design with architecture students

| by John Johnson
Brett Roeth addresses sustainable design with architecture students

Today’s students are the future of the green building movement, which makes the importance of competing in events like the Solar Decathlon and the Vinyl Institute Student Design Competition, co-sponsored by the American Institute of Architecture Students, so very important.

Brett Roeth, the vice president of the AIAS, took a few moments to talk about the role of design in creating sustainable living environments, and how competitive events bring together future engineers, biologists, chemical engineers, architects, builders and so many more occupations.

“It really starts with collaborative efforts and in a lot of ways the students are leading the transformation of the building industry and building sciences in many ways that some older firms don’t necessarily think about these new technologies when designing buildings,” Roeth says. “One of the ways the AIAS seeks to instill these values into students and rethink the way we design our buildings is by hosting these design competitions.”

Click here to view the entire video featuring Brett Roeth.

Topics: Building Green, Interior Design, Trends / Statistics

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