Colgate Super Bowl ad focuses on saving water instead of pushing toothpaste (video)

Colgate Super Bowl ad focuses on saving water instead of pushing toothpaste (video)

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Saving water, and ensuring an adequate supply of safe water, just got real.

As water quality and sustainability continue to be hot topics, as nations worldwide fight drought and communities like Flint, Michigan, fight contamination, each person can contribute to conserving the water supply.

Everyone can take small steps to reduce water use, usually with only a few small changes to daily habits.

Colgate, one of the world’s largest toothpaste producers, used the world’s most watched football game, Super Bowl 50, to shine a brighter spotlight on the need and value of water conservation. In its 30-second spot, the company encourages people to turn off the tap when brushing their teeth – to “make every drop count.”

According to the video, allowing the faucet to run while you brush your teeth wastes up to 4 gallons of water each time, more water than many people have in a week.

As reported in the National Journal, the demand for fresh water in the United States will exceed the supply by 2030, according to a 2012 State Department report. The Environmental Protection Agency already has noted that at least 36 states are faced with local or regional water shortages.

Water conservation can be accomplished in most any building, residential and commercial. Here are some water-saving tips:

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Recognizing the responsibility businesses have in addressing the global issue of water security, Colgate-Palmolive has made its commitment to water conservation an important part of the its global sustainability strategy, according to the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire. Colgate-Palmolive’s strategy includes a commitment to “Making Every Drop of Water Count” and 2020 goals to:

  • Reduce manufacturing water intensity by half
  • Replenish water withdrawn in highly stressed regions
  • Increase supplier participation in our water stewardship program
  • Partner with local and global organizations to bring clean water to underserved areas of the world
  • Promote water conservation awareness to all our global consumers 

To sign up to join Colgate’s effort, visit the Every Drop Counts website.

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