Colorado Mountain Retreat Designed for Net Zero Living

Colorado Mountain Retreat Designed for Net Zero Living

The striking, sustainable weekend getaway located near Allenspark, Colorado was designed to reflect and amplify the setting at 9,000 feet above sea level.

The product of award-winning architecture firm Arch11, with offices in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, the Lodgepole Retreat has recently been featured on a number of home design websites.

Known as the “Lodgepole Retreat,” the high-alpine, uber-energy-efficient “cabin” with floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of natural light was recently featured among Uncrate magazine’s best gear, apparel, automobiles and shelters in the world. Uncrate highlighted the home’s unmatched setting at 9,000 feet above sea level and undisrupted views from the living room, along with its ability to “combat the Colorado cold” using a combination of energy saving features including a rooftop photovoltaic system.

Arch11’s open plan design for the Colorado “cabin” features an earth-toned kitchen equipped with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, including an energy-efficient induction cooktop (photo by Raul Garcia).

Dedicated to sustainable luxury, ELUXE magazine also showcased Arch11’s Lodgepole Retreat in an article entitled Net Gain: 5 Zero Energy Homes You'll Wish You Lived In. From fashion to travel, the magazine identifies brands “that demonstrate a strong commitment to good ethics and environmental sustainability.” ELUXE author Jody McCutcheon advocates that one of the most important ways of minimizing our eco-footprint is by living in zero-energy homes while praising the “beautiful design” of the five residences she describes.

Set among a 30-acre meadow and a grove of lodgepole pines, Arch11’s light-on-the-land design expresses the firm’s commitment to the environment. “We intensely investigate the site before we put pencil to paper,” explains Arch11 principal E.J. Meade who carefully considers microclimate, views, wind and sun paths at a project’s outset.

An online guide to the best green design ideas and inspiration, Inhabitat also recognized the Lodgepole Retreat for its ability to produce as much energy as it consumes, noting how the “modern abode effectively sloughs off the heavy snowfall with its angled roof plane that’s also topped with a 10-kilowatt photovoltaic system.”

Cool interior colors allow panoramic views to take center stage. Arch11 designed the glass to withstand 140 mph winds, frame views and provide excellent energy performance (photo by Raul Garcia).

In addition to PVs, techniques and materials that contribute to the net-zero energy usage of the home include triple-paned glazing, water-efficient fixtures, a high-efficiency boiler, in-floor radiant heat and LED lighting throughout. Durable materials, including concrete and steel panels, also render the 2,200 square-foot three-bedroom weekend home fire resistant and nearly maintenance free.

Brazilian design magazine Revista Décor highlighted Arch11’s Lodgepole Retreat’s open plan and ability to create “the feeling of living in full contact with the surrounding.” The distinctive design provides the homeowners with both maximum exposure to the panoramic landscape and shelter from the fierce elements at this elevation. This stunning Arch11-designed home is an artful demonstration in crafting a sustainable dwelling that syncs with its surroundings.

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