Construction update: Proud Green Home at Serenbe ready for drywall

Construction update: Proud Green Home at Serenbe ready for drywall

Here's an update on the Proud Green Home at Serenbe from the blog of Chris Laumer-Giddens of LG Squared Inc., the architects of the home.

Chris writes:

Things are really moving along on the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

This past Friday, the mechanical inspector paid a visit and we passed! Ahead this week; the builder has ordered the final plumbing inspection, the sprayfoam contractor is installing the open-cell foam in all the walls and roof, we will be performing the pre-drywall inspection for EarthCraft House and ENERGY STAR certifications, and we will be hosting a construction tour of the home with the builder. If you’re in the Atlanta area this Wednesday, please stop by! We’d love to show you around.

For those of you who can’t make it, here are photos from the installation of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that just passed the rough-in inspection last week. VIS VIVA Energy and Services, a local contractor who have successfully installed many of our HVAC designs, installed all of the systems. Vis Viva is also providing the additional air sealing services and installing the spray foam for the home.

As mentioned in a previous post, the home wlll be heated and cooled by the Ducted Mini-Split Heat Pump system (a.k.a. Variable Refrigerant Flow, VRF) by LG Electronics, and fresh air will be provided throughout the home by Zehnder America. Feel free to check out Zehnder America’s video on how their systems work, narrated by a guy with a great German accent!

Watch a video of Chris Laumer-Giddens talking about his design for the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

Read more about the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

[photo courtesy of The Imery Group]

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