Deadline looming for energy-efficient appliance tax credits and rebates

| by Teena Hammond
Deadline looming for energy-efficient appliance tax credits and rebates

Many state and federal rebates and tax credits end on December 31, so it's exactly the right time to buy energy-efficient appliances and home improvement materials in order to claim them before the deadline.

A handy website to review all available state and federal rebates and tax credits is The site is a clearinghouse of rebates that are broken down by state and county, with links back to the websites with local and regional details.

For instance, Colorado Springs Utilities is offering a rebate on home appliances for any product purchased up until December 31. The rebates range from $50 for an Energy Star dishwasher to $100 for an Energy Star refrigerator if the old unit is recycled, and $250 for an Energy Star boiler. A WaterSense toilet will garner a homeowner a $75 rebate, and there are additional rebates available for windows, solar panels and irrigation systems.

Some rebates can be stacked on top of federal incentives, such as a state solar incentive paired with the federal 30 percent tax credit for renewable energy.

In San Francisco, homeowners can get up to $5,000 on home energy upgrades by scheduling a home energy assessment through the San Francisco Department of the Environment. This incentive ends on December 31 as well.

Interesting ongoing incentives pop up as well – such as how the city of Pasadena, Calif. is offering one free 3-pack of CFL lights every year to residents who take an online survey or call a toll-free number.

In New York, December 31 is the cutoff for customers of the Long Island Power Authority. Until the end of the year, the utility is offering rebates ranging from $50 for a dehumidifier to $125 for a pool pump, or $250-$700 for a split central air conditioner.

If it's too late to find the time to buy an appliance or schedule service for the available rebates and tax credits, it's still a good time to look ahead to the rebates for 2013 and beyond. Some programs will be renewed and new ones will be made available and occasionally the rebates are only available until funds run out.

Read more about tax credits and rebates.

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