DOE Begins Campaign to Create Consumer Interest in Net Zero Homes

DOE Begins Campaign to Create Consumer Interest in Net Zero Homes

The U.S. Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home program has launched its consumer education campaign to create knowledge and excitement among home buyers.

In recent newsletter, Sam Rashkin, chief architect of Building Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, reviewed the campaign and its components.

The Tour of Zero

To start, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ‘Tour of Zero’ web site is fully operational. Once the profiles from this year’s Housing Innovation Award winners are complete, American home buyers will be able to virtually tour nearly 120 Zero Energy Ready Homes across the country, to learn about a whole new home ownership experience.  Included in every Tour of Zero profile are images of the homes interior and exterior, key performance metrics, energy savings estimates, and powerful testimonials from builders and homeowners.

Brand New Consumer Video

A new addition to the Tour of Zero and to help communicate the value of Zero Energy Ready Homes to American home buyers, we are excited to announce the launch of our new consumer video, “The Home of the Future…Today.”  Now live on the home page of the ‘Tour’ web site, the video helps consumers learn why leading experts would choose Zero Energy Ready Home for themselves because of the seven must-have systems.  The video, which is also available on YouTube, offers a brief overview of these seven systems, discusses why they ensure superior performance in every Zero Energy Ready Home, and why when purchasing a Zero Energy Ready Home, you are not only getting an exceptional home, but you are also making a great investment!  The consumer video is now available to all partners under Marketing Materials in their Partner Profile.  All partners are encouraged to share links to the video as well as embed it into their own website.

Innovation Partnership

Lastly, the Zero Energy Ready Home Innovation Partner agreement is available for stakeholders vested in high-performance homes to join forces with DOE promoting the Zero Energy Ready Home.  So let’s address the Why, What and How.

Why join? The answer is simple. Manufacturers, associations, utilities, and retailers have an opportunity to be part of a collective impact process that much more effectively engages consumer interest in their high-performance home products and services than individual action. This is because Zero Energy Ready Homes fully integrate quality installation standards for ensured performance of their products and services and bundle six complete systems for a superior consumer experience

What are partner responsibilities? DOE is asking all Innovation Partners to post a ‘button’ that provides a simple message and link to the ‘Tour of Zero’ on at least three public facing communications. In addition, partners are invited to post the Zero Energy Ready Home consumer video on their web site.

How are consumers engaged? The key is frequent, consistent, and effective messaging. Frequency comes with DOE facilitating a national campaign that exposes consumers to a coordinated message on hundreds of web sites along with ads, signage, and in-store displays all across the country. Consistency comes from all Innovation Partners promoting the same link to the Tour of Zero and consumer video. And lastly, effectiveness comes from a core message that taps into one of consumers’ biggest concerns with the largest purchase of a lifetime: how to leverage independent expert guidance for making a smart home purchase decision. This guidance will be reinforced by testimonials from the owners of Zero Energy Ready Homes speaking to better experiences such as impressively low utility bills, life-changing health benefits, outstanding comfort under the most difficult weather conditions, and important peace-of-mind that comes from buying a home certified to high standards of excellence.  

Stay tuned. Members of the Zero Energy Ready Home team will be reaching out to high-performance housing stakeholders to join the movement. Further, feel free to refer organizations to contact DOE to join as Innovation Partners. Collectively we are going help home buyers learn how to purchase homes that live, work, and last better.

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