Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Find help here (Infographic)

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Find help here (Infographic)

Rotten egg odor is one of the most common and unpleasant effects of hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, in your water.

 The presence of hydrogen sulfide doesn't just smell bad; it may also tarnish your silver or corrode your plumbing and fixtures. This infographic from Culligan will help you understand how hydrogen sulfide gas gets into water.

It also begins to explain how water filtration may help reduce the presence of this contaminant, and cut down on the smell of rotten eggs in your water.

Whole-house water filters can help consumers reduce the sulfur odor, taste and traits of hydrogen sulfide, as well as other commonly occurring contaminants, throughout the entire home.

Keep in mind that hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants and impurities are not necessarily in your water but may be coming from other sources.


For more information see our Water Filtration Research Center.

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