Earthship off-the-grid home built for radical sustainability demonstrations

Earthship off-the-grid home built for radical sustainability demonstrations

The Earthship, a home designed to be fully self-sustainable, is rising in Montana to demonstrate radically sustainable living concepts using ordinary materials.

The home is designed to generate its own power, capture and recycle water, and support growing food year 'round, all while maintaining the comforts of a traditional home.

Seven Directions, a lifestyle brand focused on personal sustainability, announced today its partnership with Earthship Biotecture, a green design and construction company, to build Big Sky’s first fully off-the-grid, self-sustaining home.

Leading Earthship Biotecture on this project is Michael Reynolds, a visionary in sustainable architecture. Over the last 40 years Michael has refined the science behind these homes, building them in all climates from Scotland to Nicaragua. Also joining Michael in Big Sky for the month of May will be a group of more than 30 interns seeking hands-on green building experience. 

Even before construction began, the home site was host to the delivery of unique building materials:

  • 1,000 recycled automotive tires: These tires will be filled with compacted earth and stacked to form thick load bearing walls. The walls will act as “thermal mass,” capturing and releasing heat throughout the day, and allowing the home to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • 2,000 plastic bottles and aluminum cans: The recycled cans and bottles will be used in the interior nonstructural walls. When surrounded with cement, they create a matrix that enhances the strength of the walls.
  • 60 Viga timbers from Taos, New Mexico: These will form a beautiful interior ceiling and support the water collecting roofing materials
  • 12 solar panels: The home will harvest all its electrical energy from the sun.
  • 12 massive windows: The windows will form the front of the home and be positioned to maximize sun exposure. 

Read more about Building Green.

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