Eco-friendly flooring options

Eco-friendly flooring options

Choosing eco-friendly floorings for your home provides a lot of benefits. It can make you house look more beautiful while keeping everything green and planet-earth friendly. Pimp your living space by selecting high-quality and natural floorings. The interior design of your home will look great on the right choice of environmentally friendly floorings. Here are various options you can choose from:

Cork flooring. If you want water-resistant and highly durable floorings, cork is an ideal choice. Most cork floorings came from oak tree. It is shock absorbent, insect-resistant and a good sound absorber. This is a perfect alternative for hardwood flooring. Playroom, kitchen areas, living room and most part of the house can be designed with cork floorings. It's being stylish and eco-friendly at the same time.

Bamboo flooring. For budget-friendly and natural flooring options, choosing bamboo flooring is a practical move. Bamboo is one of the most common materials used in creating floorings for houses. Bamboo is very easy to grow and there are a lot of resources where you can get this material for production. You can easily install it onto your floorings because bamboos are light and durable. It is perfect for condo or loft-style houses.

Reclaimed wood. Vintage looking floors look great when it is made up of reclaimed woods. This type of flooring is produced using woods from old building, houses or strong furniture. It makes reclaimed wood flooring the most eco-friendly options for hardwood flooring. Its stylish look makes it ideal for any type of house whether you have modern or vintage and antique style interiors.

Linoleum flooring. During the 1870's linoleum flooring became popular to many houses with playrooms and big kitchens. It is both affordable and environment friendly. Nowadays, you can choose eco-friendly linoleum floorings to add design to your home. You can look for biodegradable, non-toxic and high-quality linoleum flooring like marmoleum with anti-microbial feature.

Concrete flooring. The least eco-friendly type of floors, concrete became famous because of its durability and flexibility to adjust in various interior design standards. Also, concrete flooring helps in reducing heat to keep your house cool. Plus, choosing concrete will not cause any harmful effects on your health because of its material. Compared to carpet, concrete floors will not emit volatile organic compound (VOCs).

These types on sustainable flooring options can help build healthy homes and structures. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) recommends using eco-friendly floorings for a beautiful home that helps in protecting the mother earth.

For more information, see our Going Green research center.

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