Ecological Landscaping Association offers special report on sustainable landscaping

| by John Johnson
Ecological Landscaping Association offers special report on sustainable landscaping

Green landscaping is becoming more and more important in the drive to conserve water and build more sustainable residences in the U.S. It’s estimated that 36 states will face a potential water crisis within three years.

The Ecological Landscaping Association began in 1993 with a group of environmentally concerned landscape professionals and individuals searching for methods and an approach to managing the landscape in a healthy, sustainable manner.

The association recently published a white paper, Discover Ecological Landscaping,that is authored byAndrea D. Knowles, Brian Le Suer, and Mary Whitney.

The white paper explains that ecological landscaping is a method of designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that considers the ecology of a site and creates gardens that enhance the surrounding environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem.

From the white paper:

When the earth is disturbed during the construction of buildings, homes, driveways, and roadways, the land is forever altered. Although the natural landscape can never be restored completely, with thoughtful attention to the site, ecological landscapers can create outdoor spaces that are practical, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing.

 Ecological landscaping strives to balance the building site with the natural environment. By studying the inter-relationships between living things, non-living things, and the environment, ecological landscapers can create a landscaped community that will conserve natural resources, preserve biodiversity, and protect the environment.

Click here to read the full white paper.


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