EV charging stations more than a luxury, now a differentiator

EV charging stations more than a luxury, now a differentiator


Electric vehicles still account for a small percentage of automobiles on U.S. roads — about 1.13 percent of market share by the end of 2017 — but the growth trend is clearly upward. That means builders and developers are increasingly compelled by customers to include EV charging stations in their residential and commercial projects, reports ProudGreenBuilding.com.

California leads the U.S. in EV adoption, though those in the field say usage is growing everywhere.

EV charging stations have been on the commercial real estate radar for a while now, but some installers say they’re getting far more calls lately from property owners and managers looking to add them. 

A typical charging unit costs about $3,000 to install, said Michael Farkas is the founder and executive chairman of the Blink Network, a turnkey EVS provider based in Miami with a focus on parking garages in major U.S. cities. His firm recommends that clients prepare about 20 percent of a project to accommodate charging stations.

Most EV drivers will charge at home, but with 47 million American households not living in facilities with dedicated parking spaces, Farkas sees revenue opportunities for property owners going forward.


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