Extreme Makeover: Home Edition features green home

| by Teena Hammond
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition features green home

The Emmy award-winning reality program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition returns to ABC this holiday season with four special episodes, including the Bastrop County, Texas build featuring an innovative new green home designed through a collaboration of Extreme Makeover designers, EFC Custom Homes builders and an architect from The House Designers.

It's been 15 months since central Texas was devastated by wildfires that took two lives, destroyed more than 1,600 homes and 34,000 acres. Many stories of bravery and courage arose from this disaster including the story of Hearts of the Pines volunteer firefighter Mizzy Zdroj, who was helping to battle the blaze while her own home was being destroyed.

Approximately 3,000 volunteers, under the leadership of EFC Custom Homes and the ExtremeMakeover design team came together to build the Zdroj family a brand new energy efficient home in just seven days. Taped last December, this will be the final episode of Extreme Makeover, which was canceled earlier this year by ABC.

"It's really a good story and the family was truly surprised," said Austin-based architect Donovan Davis of The House Designers, who designed the custom home pro-bono. "We designed the home based on what we knew about their story and their personal tastes. The goal with this home was to have a lot of innovative products in it but nothing over-the-top. From a design standpoint, we wanted to create a home that had plenty of sustainable and green features so that they could easily maintain and afford it."

The new home is approximately 2,400 square feet and was built using the latest green building techniques and products including geothermal HVAC, solar energy panels, tankless water heating, low-flow toilets, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, dimmer switches, and low VOC paints.

Read more about Energy Star and building a green home.

All photos courtesy of EFC Custom Homes.

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