First major appliance wins Green Good Housekeeping Seal

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First major appliance wins Green Good Housekeeping Seal

It's not easy being green. Just ask the people at LG. The company underwent an extensive year-long review process to earn the Green Good Housekeeping Seal for its Super-Capacity French-Door Refrigerator. It was the first major appliance to win the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, which previously had been applied to cleaning products, paints, paper goods, and food and beverages.

The Green Good Housekeeping seal was awarded to LG’s LFX31925 Super-Capacity French-Door Refrigerator, which was has been lauded by Good Housekeeping for its impressive water and energy efficiency during product use, 100 percent recyclable and sustainably-sourced packaging, and reductions of water, waste and energy during production processes.

LG has many products that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal over the years, so winning the Green seal was a goal for the company to communicate the environmental advantages of LG's appliances.

"There is more and more interest on the part of consumers in sustainable living and a recognizable seal like the Green Good Housekeeping seal will help consumers identify products that were developed in an environmentally responsible manner," said John Taylor, spokesman for LG.

The path to earning the Green Good Housekeeping seal is a rigorous one that helps consumers have confidence in making choices for environmentally responsible products.

"It's a cradle to grave lifecycle analysis, looking at factories and the supply chain and energy use during the product's life all the way through it's recyclability," Taylor said. 

"The Green Good Housekeeping Seal was designed to guide consumers who want to buy products that are environmentally responsible and also work effectively," said Miriam Arond, director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. "We are pleased to recognize LG for an appliance that demonstrates impressive energy efficiency, among other sustainability attributes."

This ENERGY STAR certified LG refrigerator is more than 20 percent more efficient than the Federal energy standard, and its thin foam insulation technology adds to overall efficiency. In addition, this appliance incorporates a host of innovative features, including SlimSpace Plus, which is a streamlined ice-making system inside the door that provides owners with usable door bins and an unobstructed top shelf, as well as LG's Smart Cooling Plus system which helps keep food fresher longer.

For a product to earn the Green Good Housekeeping Seal distinction, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute conducts an extensive review and verification of data related to the environmental impact of the product’s development and company’s manufacturing processes. This is measured by a number of key factors including the reduction of water used in manufacturing, energy efficiency both in manufacturing and product use, material and product safety, and packaging reduction as well as the brand’s overall corporate socialresponsibility.

Before being considered for the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, a product must pass Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluations for the primary Good Housekeeping Seal, which means it is effective and covered by the magazine’s two-year limited warranty: If the product proves to be defective within two years of purchase, Good Housekeeping will replace the item or refund the consumer.

"We're extremely proud that our refrigerator is the first major appliance to earn this coveted distinction, as the Green Good Housekeeping Seal is widely recognized and respected among the industry and consumers alike," said William Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics USA, which has made an industry-leading pledge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2020.  

In addition to the Green Good Housekeeping Seal for this refrigerator model, LG has earned the EPA’s top ENERGY STAR honors: 2014 Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence and Climate Communication awards, in recognition of unwavering commitment to helping consumers become increasingly more energy efficient.

LG has developed energy-saving technologies such as the linear compressor at the heart of its refrigerators. And LG's pioneering Door-in-Door refrigerator technology, a magnetically sealed outer door that offers consumers access to frequently used items without opening the entire refrigerator, reduces cold air loss by up to 47 percent.

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