Fully immersive 3D tour of The Proud Green Home at Serenbe (Interactive Model)

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Using the latest in 3D model technology, VIMtrek Viewer software (powered by VIMtrek) allows users to walk or fly through The Proud Green Home at Serenbe. Your movement through the environment is controlled using the mouse and keyboard, just like the architects that create these visual experiences.Please see the VIMtrek Viewer Instructions Video below for navigation controls.


VIMtrek Viewer Instructions


  • Navigation Mode and Selection Mode -These are the two operating modes in VIMtrek Viewer. Navigation Mode allows users to move freely through the model using only a mouse and keyboard. Selection Mode allows users to view property data for any item in a model by simply selecting the item with a left-click on the mouse.
    • To toggle between Navigation Mode and Selection Mode, just right-click your mouse, or hit the "V" key on your keyboard at any time while in VIMtrek.

  • Navigation in the Viewer -Users can move through a model using a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. 
    • Mouse Input Control for Navigation (Eyes) -You can use your mouse to look around in VIMtrek. Simply move it in the direction you would like to look. You do not need to press any button on the mouse to change the view direction, only to move.
    • Keyboard Key Input Control (Feet) - Your keyboard controls which way you move in VIMtrek. The direction you move in is always relative to the direction you are looking, which is controlled with the mouse (see above).


    ForwardW or ↑
    BackwardsS or ↓
    Left A or ←
    RightD or →


      • Viewer Toolbar -When you open a VIMtrek model, you'll notice a small toolbar in the upper-left hand corner of the screen. These tools allow you to change how you move through the model. You must be in the Selection Mode (see above) to click on the Toolbar. 
      • Navigation Mode Setting (Fly/Gravity Mode) - By default, VIMtrek models open in Fly Mode. In this mode – using your mouse and keyboard – you are free to navigate around the model scene in any direction – up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards or any combination thereof. Gravity Mode allows you to walk through the model as you would in real life. To switch between Gravity and Fly mode simply right click your mouse to pause navigation, and then left click the toolbar button shown below.

      *Note: You need to be at least 6 feet above the ground when you activate Gravity Mode. If not, you’ll fall through the floor onto the floor below, or start falling through space. If this happens, don’t panic. Just switch back into Fly Mode and fly back to wherever you were.

      • Collision Detection Mode -Collision Mode keeps you from moving through walls, floors, roofs or ceilings. You can only navigate or pass through door and window openings in Collision Mode. The doors and windows do not need to be open. You also may not be able to pass through openings less than approximately a square yard.


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