G Green Design opens second retail location

| by John Johnson
G Green Design opens second retail location

It’s nice being green. At least that’s the opinion of Nate Mullins, the owner of the G Green Design store in Norwell, Mass. The retail facility has been very well received since opening in December, 2009.

G Green Design opened its first location in Mashpee, Mass, in 2006, and has plans to open another facility in Toronto.

 “So far the store has received a really positive response,” says Mullins, who aims to help homeowners who often want to green, but don’t know the first steps to take. “It’s a nice business to be in because people don’t come in here to be convinced. They already value the issue of being green. It’s a nice business to be in and you feel like you are doing some good in the world.”

Mullins says the store is targeted toward homeowners, home builders, architects and designers. It carries a wide array of sustainable flooring and carpeting options, as well as items like solar tubes and locally produced tile made from recycled glass and cement.

In addition, the 1,100 square-foot store sells recycling bins, water barrels, energy efficient power strips that allow homeowners to easily power down energy sucking electronic devices, and a host of environmentally friendly home décor and kitchen products. One of the popular items are drinking glasses recycled from wine and beer bottles. It also sells dishes that are made from real coconut shells.

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