Grassy oasis attracts students at Cornell (Photo gallery)

| by Teena Hammond
Grassy oasis attracts students at Cornell (Photo gallery)

Mini indoor lawns are luring students at Cornell University, with four buildings getting their own turf lounge areas.

The university's Department of Design and Environmental Analysis decided to add sections of turf in the lobbies of two of the school libraries, as well as in two other buildings. Potted plants and comfy chairs have been placed around the grass, to encourage students to lounge in the grassy oasis during stressful finals week.

Senior Ryan Allen-Parrot and junior Gilad Meron installed the projects, along with a "small army of people working with them," said Eveline Ferretti, the library's public programs and communications administrator.

"Being in touch with nature helps people be calmer, and they feel refreshed and productive," Ferretti said. "The library is the perfect place for it."

Meron first installed a lawn in Mann Library in the fall, noting that "it's great to see people willing to lay down in the grass and just relax there. The main goal is really to make people happy."

There's really something about the instant gratification of walking barefoot on a soft lawn that is unlike no other experience. And the Cornell students aren't immune to this, as evidenced in the photo gallery and video.

If you want to learn how to create your own indoor sod furniture or lawn, Cornell has provided info on its website.

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