Green Builder Realizes Sustainable Vision in Proud Green Home of Louisville

Green Builder Realizes Sustainable Vision in Proud Green Home of Louisville

Su Verde, the Proud Green Home of Louisville

Sy Safi comes from a long line of builders, and Su Verde, the Proud Green Home of Louisville, fulfills his vision for sustainable home building.

Su Verde, Italian for "About Green," was built in the North Village area of the Norton Commons development in Louisville, Kentucky, as a high-performance home that is seeking multiple green building certifications.

"This home reflects what we've learned so far on a journey of creating living spaces focused on good health, well-being, energy-efficiency, water-efficiency, durability and social and environmental restoration," Safi says. "We are redefining what space means through the space we all know best, home."

Sy Safi

The home was designed to meet some of the most stringent green building certifications while also providing a home that blends indoor and outdoor living and creates a haven for its residents.

"We're rethinking what a home should be, one which gives more than it takes, improves our lives and the lives of other living things, as a solution to all the challenges we face today," Safi says.

Safi grew up in the family construction business and after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, he started GCCM Construction Services, LLC to contribute to the advancement of the industry and recently launched the creative division UberGreen Spaces & Homes.

Working in the family business inspired Safi to learn, innovate, create, and implement revolutionary practices in sustainability efforts.

Today, he is a progressive builder and sustainability designer in the residential and commercial space, and a recipient of national and international awards.

In 2012, Safi built My Green Kentucky Home, a model home that was Kentucky’s first Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water home certified LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council.

Since then, he’s adopted the most stringent third-party programs such as the Living Building Challenge, Passive House and the WELL Building Standard, while becoming a Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home Partner, a Certified Passive House Consultant, Passive House Institute US Certified Builder, WELL Accredited Professional and ADVANCE Ambassador.

His mission with every project is to be socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

His goal for Su Verde was to create a home that is sustainable from the ground up. While energy efficiency was a major goal, the desire was to focus on all aspects of a created environment such as water, waste, indoor air quality, light, acoustics and fitness.

"There is quite a bit to consider during design and construction when creating a traditional Italianate home that stays true to Louisville's historical architecture and not only pays for itself but can also take care of itself," Safi said.

For the vision of the home to be made a reality, architects, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, industry leaders and the homeowner were brought together during design meetings throughout the entirety of the building project.

“Everyone involved in this project played an important role in their respective area of expertise, and the end result is truly gratifying,” Safi said. "Not only will this home be the first of its kind in the Commonwealth, it will be the home of the future."

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