Green from the ground up

Green from the ground up

From time to time, ProudGreenHome will chronicle the journey of Todd Moore and Irene Garvey as they build their own highly efficient and green home in Plymouth, N.H. What began with a simple resolution to downsize and reduce their carbon footprint spiraled into purchasing a 13-acre lot in Plymouth, N.H., on which they have already broken ground for an energy-efficient, easy-to-maintain, small center chimney Cape.

Irene and Todd’s project, nicknamed the I-Todd Project by the homebuilder, is currently under construction. Their blog will address the challenges they face in the building process, such as coming across rock ledge when digging the foundation, to individually choosing the wood on their site to mill for their home, and their decision making process behind foregoing LEED certification for the home.

Click here to view the I-Todd Project series of blogs.

Topics: Building Green, Certification / LEED

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