Green home project concentrates on comfort (video)

Green home project concentrates on comfort (video)

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While energy efficiency grabs the headlines, it's daily living that makes a green home successful.

That's why Dave Sweet, a veteran eco-friendly homebuilder, has embarked on a green home project that puts comfort as a top priority.

Sweet and his wife, Debbie, are building a new home on 2.2 woody acres in Connecticut. The goal is to respect nature and build a home that will serve the family for years to come. While energy efficiency is of course a goal, there's more to life than a low utility bill or a green building plaque on the wall.

"A lot of people document energy efficient homes but they miss the point that occupants have to be comfortable, that's the bottom line," he said. "We're coming from that angle first."

In conjunction with the architect and green building consultants, Sweet is developing strategies for a tight thermal envelope, HVAC, indoor air quality and all the technology that goes into a high performance home. Sweet has built environmentally friendly homes since the 1980s, incorporating features like radiant heating, photovoltaic solar arrays, and unconventional framing and wall construction.

He wants to use that knowledge to achieve efficiency without sacrificing comfort in this home.

"Our architect asks, 'Which shade of green to you want to be?' which is a good way to say it," Sweet said. "How green do you want to go, and what are the tradeoffs? To me the comfort is not a tradeoff. We're starting with the comfort and we're building a home where all the pieces will work together as a system."

Sweet is chronicling his high performance home journey on the Green Comfort Blog and on, supported by Taco Comfort Solutions.

He writes, "my aim is to demystify the whole home building process and break it down, step by step, so that you can have a better idea of what goes into a project like this - that’s why we chose to document the entire process. From the day I set foot on my piece of raw land until the day we step into our brand new eco-friendly home, you get to be there with me every step of the way."

Watch the first video from the Green Comfort Home blog.

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