High Tech Home Innovations from CES 2017

High Tech Home Innovations from CES 2017

Zera food recycler from Whirlpool

Get a glimpse into the future of home tech with some of the newest gadgets announced at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

In its 50-year history, CES has been the launch pad for a number of game changing technologies, including the VCR, CD players, home video cameras and a host of computing gadgets.

Here's a look at just a few of the home tech products making their debut at CES this year. Will any of these end up in your home?

Whirlpool Zera Food Recycler

Whirlpool Corporation announces the release of the Zera Food Recycler, a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance that turns today's food waste into tomorrow's fertilizer. It is available for pre-orders on Indiegogo.

This product is the first indoor recycler in the United States that converts a week's worth of food waste into ready-to-use homemade fertilizer within 24 hours.[1] The beautifully-designed device conveniently fits into the kitchen, and with a simple push of a button converts household food waste into homemade fertilizer through an easy and convenient process.

Zera Food Recycler can break down one week's worth of the average U.S. family's food waste within 24 hours by using a combination of oxygen, moisture, heat and mixing to expedite the decomposition process. Unlike traditional composting methods, families are able to use the Zera system year-round regardless of the weather and can remotely operate the appliance through the easy-to-use Whirlpool mobile app.

According to a study on food waste commissioned by Whirlpool Corporation, an average family in the United States produces over 400 pounds of food waste every year, which accounts for an estimated 20 percent of America's landfills. With Zera Food Recycler, families are now able to reduce the food waste that goes to landfills, while also creating sustainable fertilizer for their outdoor lawns and gardens.

The first 50 backers who order the Zera system through Indiegogo will receive the product at an initial Super Early Bird discounted rate of $699. Starting early summer 2017, the Zera™ system will be available in limited test markets through participating retail partners.

Carrier Côr Thermostat

Carrier announced the expansion of its line of to include the Côr 5C and Côr 7C thermostats, which provide a wider range of Wi-Fi-enabled controls at a variety of price points. The Côr thermostat can reduce home comfort costs by an average of 20 percent when compared to a non-programmable thermostat.

The new Côr thermostats will offer an estimated real-time savings forecast based on adjustments made to the thermostat. Additionally, the improved Smart Setback feature will optimize the system performance based on each home's individual thermal characteristics to enhance energy savings and owner comfort.

The next generation of Côr thermostats is demand-response capable and meets the Occupant Controlled Smart Thermostat requirements set by the California Energy Commission. They will also feature compatibility with Amazon Echo, Apple® HomeKit™ and other popular connected home systems.

All of these features will be available in a device with multi-color touch screens, an app-based set-up and a two-wire installation system that ensures compatibility across the majority of home climate control systems.

 Continuing its longstanding commitment to create the most versatile and interoperable smart thermostat available, Carrier  also announced the Côr™ thermostat's new compatibility with the Apple HomeKit.

Apple HomeKit technology allows users to effortlessly and securely control their home comfort system from anywhere using the new iOS 10 Home app or voice-controlled Siri on their iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Users can set up HomeKit-enabled products to work together based on triggers, such as having the furnace or air conditioner activate to a certain temperature when a homeowner arrives home or automatically setting the system to a more efficient level when the occupants leave. HomeKit technology provides advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between the heating and cooling system and the iOS device.

Côr thermostat features like smart setback let the thermostat intelligently adapt beyond manual programming for greater efficiency, while still meeting ideal comfort levels. Energy reports help homeowners understand exactly when energy dollars are being spent, allowing users to modify settings to maximize savings. It will even provide customized energy saving tips.

The HomeKit enabled Carrier Côr thermostat will be available early 2017. 

Sprimo Personal Air Purifier

Touted as the world's smartest personal air purifier, the Sprimo smart air purifier learns, adapts and delivers clean air towards your breathing zone in less than 30 seconds, regardless of room size. Sprimo is designed for people who face seasonal allergies, work in an environment they can't control, or want to ensure their children and loved ones get a blanket of fresh air where they work, play and sleep.

While most of the market tries to tackle large areas, Sprimo applies the science of Personal Ventilation (PV) because it can be more effective and produce faster relief to users.  The effect of PV systems like Sprimo is instant -- once turned on, a clean air blanket forms around you immediately. PV systems are also more economical since you do not need to run a purifier 24/7. Additionally, you don't need to shut the doors or windows for effectiveness, which results in better air circulation through the room, the building or home.

Improved Air Quality Faster:  One minute of running Sprimo's air purifier instantly provides clean air, which would take a big purifier 60 minutes or more to improve the air quality of the breathing zone.  This also means that it can be more efficient than larger air purifiers as well.

Portable: small and portable, it's ideal for travelers, families on vacation and those who want to use it in their offices during the day and at home in the evenings.

Healthier Air = Healthier Immune System: Sprimo helps to block airborne virus / bacteria, which reduces the exposure of contagious particles that can help your immune system in an open office environment, especially during flu season.

Anyone who suffers from allergies and Asthma can also benefit from Sprimo. Given that we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors (some research says more), Asthma and Allergies are climbing and at an all-time high.

Sprimo will be taking orders starting in March. Initial orders are expected to ship by August with additional availability in Q4 2017. Price is slated to be between $300-$399.

Enerbee Smart Vent

Enerbee's smart vent is designed to tackle the problem of indoor air pollution.

The company says the Smart Vent brings indoor air quality control to new standards of intelligence. It embeds air flow measurement, air quality sensors and RF connectivity powered by Enerbee's patented energy generator. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, pressure and volatile organic compounds levels are measured and computed to locally monitor the vent and the air distribution.

Enerbee's Smart Vent solution is the first product able to both collect information on air quality at relevant places in homes and buildings and adjust the indoor environment so inhabitants are always comfortable and safe, while optimizing energy at the same time. With no wires or batteries, Enerbee's Smart Vent is fully autonomous so, simply install it and forget.

The company's patented technology uses the piezo magnetism principle, the energy peak is converted to useable energy via an innovative electronic stage, delivering highly-efficient, autonomous energy in the 1mW to 10mW range.

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