Highly reflective windows may melt vinyl siding (video)

Highly reflective windows may melt vinyl siding (video)

Chalk this up to no good deed goes unpunished. A few homeowners have reported mysterious problems with their vinyl siding, usually in the winter. The siding is damaged by apparently very high heat, usually on a wall next to a neighbor's home.

After some investigation, it turns out the neighbors have installed high-performance windows that incorporate multiple panels of glass and reflective coatings.

In Buffalo, N.Y, homeowners Bill and Joyce Wakefield noticed the vinyl siding on their home was damaged. They then saw a bright beam of light coming from a neighbor's upstairs window, they told WIVB Channel 4. See their story here:

To solve the rare problem, the National Association of Homebuilders launched a task force to find out what was going on. The reflective coatings on the glass, combined with glass panes that may form a slightly concave shape, focus the light like a magnifying glass, raising the temperatures up to 200 degrees. At those temperatures, other cladding materials such as wood also can be damaged.

Jery Huntley, president and CEO of the Vinyl Siding Institute said that "Certified vinyl siding can withstand anything nature can throw at it, but the heat created by the solar reflection isn't natural."

Huntley offers some tips on how to solve the problem of damaged vinyl siding in this video.

Read more about the issue from the Vinyl Siding Institute.

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