Historic house gets energy efficiency boost with window film

Historic house gets energy efficiency boost with window film

Owning a historic property comes with a unique set of challenges. Beyond extensive maintenance, another key issue is the extreme energy inefficiency.

And while many historic homeowners would like to opt for new energy efficient upgrades, it's often out of the question without compromising the structure or historical significance of the site.

Take Montebello for example, the Washington, D.C. area ancestral home of the Rosse family. First built in 1728, Montebello's windows are over 200 years old, dating back to an 1810 renovation (The home also received updates in 1840, and 1910).

After removing several trees from the front yard (to insure they would not fall on the house) the Rosses began to experience major indoor temperature spikes.

With window replacement out of the question, as the old crown glass windows were no longer manufactured, the Rosse family turned to professionally installed window film for relief.

Untreated windows only block about 25% of UV rays. With the professionally installed window film blocking up to 99% of UV rays from passing through the house's windows, Montebello's indoor temperatures began to experience more regulated indoor temperatures, which ultimately helped reduce cooling costs.

The film also added an extra layer of UV protection for the historic home's many antique furnishings and period rugs.

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