Home Solar Storage Batteries Now in California (video)

Home Solar Storage Batteries Now in California (video)

California residents can now purchase and have installed the Sonnen battery system to help manage renewable energy and peak time energy use.

Distributed through TrendGreen, a residential and commercial construction firm, the Sonnen battery gives residential and commercial property owners alike the ability to store and manage energy for use in peak demand times.

Through TrendGreen users can purchase and install the Sonnen battery and bring energy independence to a home or building. The battery helps homeowners manage energy consumption by storing energy that's generated during off peak times for use during high peak demand times hence reducing energy cost.

The Sonnen battery smart energy manager analyzes your energy use patterns and distributes energy accordingly to save you money. Now combined with the PACE program, homeowners pay zero out of pocket to purchase and install. More information can be found at http://www.trendgreen.biz.

The Sonnen battery is a competitor to the Tesla Powerwall home battery for storing renewable energy to power an electric vehicle or to manage power consumption.

Read more about the Sonnen Battery.

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