How Walkable is Your City? See the Top 10 List

How Walkable is Your City? See the Top 10 List

National real estate brokerage Redfin recently released a report highlighting the top 10 cities leading the way in walkable new construction. The list consists of cities that have the largest percentage of newly built homes in their most walkable neighborhoods.

In order to determine the ranking of these cities that are building homes with higher Walk Scores, Redfin ranked cities with populations of 200,000 or more according to the share of newly constructed homes listed so far in 2016 that have Walk Score ratings higher than their citywide scores.

Philadelphia ranked first, with 91 percent of its new homes having a higher Walk Score than its citywide score of 89. Runners-up included Chicago, Cleveland, St. Petersburg, Boston and Seattle, which each had more than 80 percent of newly constructed homes in neighborhoods with a higher Walk Score than the citywide score.

Why does this matter? Many of these cities are becoming more walkable cities to live in, which means that more people can purchase a new home in a highly walkable area. Rather than focusing new development in suburbs or on the outskirts of the city (areas where you traditionally need a car to get around), many builders are focusing their efforts in the denser, more urban neighborhoods where residents can accomplish most of their daily errands on foot.

You can check out the full ranking and report here. See a list of the Top 10 Worst Walkable Cities here.

Top 10 Cities Leading the Way in Walkable New Construction


Percentage of New Homes With a Walk Score
Higher Than The City Walk Score

City Walk Score
1 Philadelphia, PA 91%78
2 Chicago, IL 89%78
3 Cleveland, OH 88%59
4 St. Petersburg, FL 88%42
5 Boston, MA 85%81
6 Seattle, WA 81%73
7 Washington, DC 75%77
8 Denver, CO 73%60
9 San Francisco, CA 73%86
10 Dallas, TX 62%45


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