ICFs Build Resilient Custom Home

ICFs Build Resilient Custom Home

ZEGO Building Systems supplied their insulated concrete forms for a luxury home project in Caulfield South VIC, Australia, being developed by Knight Building Group.

Based in Melbourne, Knight is a luxury home builder specializing in sustainable designer homes. Their growing success comes from their commitment to building 7 Star plus sustainable homes at an affordable cost. However, the company is also constantly challenged by the need to stay innovative and offer unique solutions to their customers. Knight identified that their homes needed to be elegant, functional and sustainable to give them an edge in the marketplace.

For the build at 78 Bealiba Road, Caulfield South, Knight was focused on identifying innovative materials. ZEGO Building Systems was their chosen wall structure as the insulated concrete forms provided a reinforced concrete structure with stay-in-place insulation to achieve a very strong structural quality and an insulating envelope in one process.

ZEGO supplied their fire-rated FireFORMs with 120mm concrete core for the walls on the boundary and the ZEGO 200 Series domestic HomeFORMs for the external walls. These wall structures were installed by ZEGO Installer Conty Constructions and their experienced crew.

By appointing an experienced ZEGO Installer, Knight was able to subcontract out the installation of the ZEGO walls to replace the brick layer or block layer and the perimeter timber frame. The speedy construction of ICF walls saves the developer 1-1.5 weeks per floor level of construction compared to conventional walls. The simple ICF installation also helps achieve savings on labor and material handling costs on site.

The highly insulated and sustainable home by Knight was built at a similar cost to a conventional brick or block construction. With the use of insulated concrete forms, the walls also had stronger structural integrity and the benefit of significant thermal and acoustic properties.

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