Is your home ready for the Internet of Things? The latest from 2015 CES

Is your home ready for the Internet of Things? The latest from 2015 CES

As smart home technology matures, more products are coming to market that put homeowners in control of lights, appliances and home comfort.

The Internet of Things is the connectedness of various devices such as kitchen appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, security and entertainment systems via the Internet and controlled through computers and mobile devices.

Here's an overview of some of the smart and connected home products on display at the January 2015 CES show in Las Vegas.


Belkin International announced a window and door sensor, personal keychain sensor, room motion sensor and alarm sensor for its WeMo line.

Home sensors allow users to monitor their entire home from anywhere using a mobile device and the WeMo Link, a Wi-Fi-to-Zigbee bridge that connects the sensors to the home’s wireless network. Through the WeMo app, users can set schedules and receive alerts and notifications, as well as program the sensors as triggers to activate other WeMo devices. With a one-year battery life, WeMo Sensors provide long lasting home awareness.

WeMo Door and Window Sensor 

A magnetic contact sensor that detects an open or closed state on any window or door in the home, the WeMo Door and Window Sensor allows users to check for unexpected entry into the home while away or even in a different room. The WeMo Window and Door Sensor works with any type of door or window within the home including standard interior/exterior doors, sliding doors, refrigerator doors, even safes and jewelry boxes.

The sensors work with other WeMo devices and can be programmed to automate a variety of tasks including heating or cooling. For example, pair with a WeMo Insight Switch and a window A/C unit to automate the air conditioning to only turn on when the window is closed, helping to save money and energy.

WeMo Keychain Sensor 

The WeMo Keychain Sensor is a small fob designed to be placed on a keychain, collar or in a bag that lets users keep track of family members’ whereabouts based on the sensor’s connection to the WeMo Link. Through the WeMo app, users can see when family members arrive or leave home, set up customized alerts for different family members, and even configure a small button on the keychain sensor to control any other WeMo device simply when pressed.

WeMo Alarm Sensor 

The WeMo Alarm sensor enhances current alarm systems with monitoring capabilities and is an ideal solution for retrofitting offline alarm systems for use with smart devices. Through the WeMo app, users can set up a list of emergency contact options, making it easy to react immediately to fires, gas and carbon monoxide leaks even when away.

WeMo Room Motion Sensor 

The WeMo Room Motion Sensor detects heat signatures for precise, room motion detection, even in large rooms and hallways. Immune to pets, the WeMo Room Motion Sensor reduces the possibility of false alarms and offers a broad 30-foot range and 90-degree field of view. Designed for indoor applications, the sensor can be used to safeguard a private room, ensure home security while away or automate other electronic devices via motion.

WeMo Water with Echo Technology

Representing the next generation of WeMo sensors, WeMo Water with Echo Technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms to provide unprecedented insight into household water usage. From a single sensor attached at one point on the home’s plumbing system, WeMo Water monitors, analyzes and relays information about water consumption throughout the entire home. WeMo Water works by sensing and analyzing the pressure change vibrations caused by water events such as turning on a faucet or flushing a toilet, and does not require the WeMo Link. WeMo Water can accurately calculate water consumption duration and cost per object or even alert users to potentially devastating damage and leaks. Beyond water and cost savings advantages, WeMo Water opens the door for using the home’s existing infrastructure to create predictive, anticipatory automation that lives up to the full promise of the connected home.


Designed to work with Apple HomeKit technology, the Schlage Sense system provides consumers with key free convenience. HomeKit technology provides advanced security with end-to-end encryption and authentication between the Schlage Sense lock and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. HomeKit also lets consumers control their Schlage Sense lock with their voice using Siri. The stylishly advanced lock gives homeowners the choice and flexibility of entering their home using the lock’s illuminated touchscreen or with their iPhone.

The Schlage Sense system has the ability to manage and schedule up to 30 codes at the same time through a dedicated app, which offers an additional layer of key-free convenience. The Schlage Sense app allows individuals to create and delete access codes, check on lock status and view activity, as well as update settings and check battery life without requiring residents to connect to an existing home automation system or pay a monthly subscription charge.


LeGrand showcased its line of smart devices that are used to manage lighting, curtains and scenario automation, which can be activated via the traditional local mode, such as by pushing a button or turning a knob, or remotely via smartphones and tablets, using simple apps. Legrand's new smart devices which, use the new ZigBee® 3.0 unified standards, can talk to similar objects in the home, such as lamps and appliances from other manufacturers, making full interoperability a reality.


Ecoventsolves the problem of having rooms in homes that are too hot or too cold for the 74 million U.S. households with central air heating and cooling, by allowing homeowners to control the temperature of each room individually. The company was the recipient of the Automation Device of the Year award by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Ecovent’s wireless system of sensors and vents automatically directs airflow to rooms where hot or cool air is needed. In initial installs, Ecovent dropped the temperature difference between floors from 15 degrees to 2 degrees while running the heating/cooling system 30 percent less.

Ecovent extends the capabilities of all thermostats and existing central air systems by providing room-by-room temperature control and putting an end to heating and cooling unused rooms. Ecovent works by replacing standard floor, wall and ceiling vents and installs in around 15 minutes per room without requiring construction, wiring or programming.


OSRAM SYLVANIA unveiled its OSRAM LIGHTIFY connected lighting kits, providing cost-effective indoor and outdoor lighting products that can be controlled and automated via an app on your mobile device to help you save energy, enhance comfort, personalize your environment, and experience joy and fun. 

The OSRAM LIGHTIFY lighting system begins with a wireless Gateway that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, and wirelessly syncs with the existing WiFi network in your home or business. Other gateways require plugging the device into a router, taking up spots and limiting you to where the gateway can be placed. With LIGHTIFY, you can place the Gateway anywhere you want. 

The Gateway connects to LIGHTIFY devices (up to 50 per each Gateway) via the ZigBee Home Automation standard.  Initial products include a true A19 Tunable White 60W replacement LED bulb which delivers over 800 lumens, unlike other 60W replacements that offer less lumens and therefore less brightness. It has an adjustable color temperature, meaning it can go from a warm 2700 Kelvin light up to a 6500 Kelvin cool white, at any dimness level. In addition, there are flexible, color changing, indoor LED light strips. Now for the first time, consumers can also benefit from that same color control functionality outdoors with Gardenspot Mini RGB LED lights, perfect for enhancing any landscape.  Also available will be an A19 60W replacement RGBW LED bulb, which can provide up to 16 million colors to match a scene or mood, and also has tunable white functionality. OSRAM will also be offering ZigBee smart switches that will initially provide on/off/dim functions with the ability to control multiple scenes in the future.   The free, user-friendly LIGHTIFY App runs on Apple iOS7 or above and Android 4.1 or above.

Lighting is just one aspect of a smart home, and the integration of lighting and HVAC can create autonomous and intelligent lighting based experiences, and LIGHTIFY delivers unlike any other solution. Unlike other offerings, LIGHTIFY light sources use the ZigBee Home Automation standard, which means that out of the box they will work with your favorite brand of home automation ecosystems like WeMo. The Gateway can also operate other smart lighting devices from a variety of manufacturers that are ZigBee Home Automation certified. 

The OSRAM LIGHTIFY Starter Kit includes the wireless Gateway and an A19 Tunable White 60W replacement LED bulb and has a MSRP of $54.99.  Additional bulbs are available for a MSRP of $29.99. The LED Flex and Gardenspot Mini RGB have MSRPs of $64.99 and $79.99, respectively.  Gateways and extension packs for the LED Flex RGBW and Gardenspot Mini RGB have a MSRP of $29.99. LIGHTIFY kits, bulbs and expansion packs are available for pre-order on and will be also available in Q1 2015 on and other major retailers. The A19 60W replacement RGBW LED bulb will be available later this year.


The Goji Smart Lock is an electronic deadbolt lock with a built-in camera that sends real-time picture alerts and gives homeowners an unprecedented level of home-access control using their smart phone from anywhere in the world.


A CES Innovation Awards honoree, the Samsung Chef Collection Slide-In Induction Range with Virtual Flame Technology features LED lighting embedded beneath a glass cooktop to cast a reassuring flame-like glow onto pots and pans when in use. The intensity of the virtual flame increases as you turn up the power, with nine levels of heat ranging from simmer to boil. Wrapped in a sleek stainless exterior with thoughtfully-designed controls, the range is ready to slide into any home kitchen décor to create a seamless and professional look.


LG’sENERGYSTAR certified EcoHybrid dryer is the first in the United States to combine conventional vented drying with a heat pump to reduce energy by recycling heat, delivering up to 50 percent energy savings without sacrificing performance. LG is bringing technology typically found in air conditioners and dehumidifiers to the laundry room to offer enhanced energy efficiency. The LG EcoHybrid dryer was the first to win the 2014 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award.

Also, LG displayed appliances linked with HomeChat:

Smart Refrigerator

New LG smart refrigerators can provide users with real-time status updates anywhere, at any time, proving most helpful when grocery shopping (users can see what’s currently in the fridge from its interior camera). Meanwhile, the Smart Saving function allows the refrigerator to consume minimal energy when users are outside the home. Family members can upload photos to the refrigerator from their smartphones via LINE, which can then be displayed on the appliance’s exterior display panel.

Smart Laundry

Using HomeChat, users can quickly and simply monitor laundry progress, seeing how much time is left in a cycle and even remotely stopping cycles altogether in their smart washer or dryer, if needed. Users can also download new cycles.

Smart Oven

The Recipe Search function, along with HomeChat allow users to communicate directly with their smart oven, collecting recipe recommendations and discovering exactly which ingredients are needed. Conveniently, the oven will then auto-select the appropriate setting, which helps users avoid the hassle of having to manually set the cooking mode, as well as provide alerts when recipe updates become available. Another convenience feature allows users to remotely monitor the status of the oven, keeping a close eye on the cooking time of those tasty treats.

Smart Air Conditioner

Users can also interact with LG’s smart air conditioner systems via HomeChat to receive up-to-the-minute status updates, including details on current and desired temperatures, power mode, fan speed and more. This allows consumers to more conveniently monitor the air conditioner’s energy usage, which can ultimately help lead to enhanced energy efficiency and cost savings.


Boschhome appliances rolled out its Home Connect system for the first time in the U.S. that allows control of multiple household appliances securely through a single app on a smartphone or tablet.

The connected system gives consumers remote control over their Bosch home appliances, including ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers as well as built-in, fully automatic coffee machines.

Home Connect operates household appliances with just a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi connection. To utilize the app, consumers register online with a valid e-mail address, and data is exchanged between the app and the connected household appliances using the Home Connect protocol. Any necessary data is stored anonymously on the dedicated Home Connect server to protect consumer privacy.

Remote control allows consumers to turn off an oven, for example, and timer settings allow consumers to schedule appliances to match their daily routine. Through the use of convenience features such as a built-in camera, users can look inside their refrigerator when not at home, making meal choices and grocery shopping easier. Other offerings include recipes and cooking tips, operation instructions and videos, remote diagnostics and push notifications.

Read more about smart and connected homes.

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