KleenWrap fights construction debris at the Proud Green Home at Serenbe (video)

KleenWrap fights construction debris at the Proud Green Home at Serenbe (video)

The homeowners won't see one of the green products used to build the Proud Green Home Serenbe, but they'll be thankful for its presence every day. During construction the floors of the home were protected by KleenWrap, a recyclable plastic sheet designed to protect floors and ducts from construction dust and debris.

As the photos show, the KleenWrap was placed directly over the subfloor to stop dirt, dry wall dust spray foam insulation or any other product from touching the wood sub floor. Also, any ducts in the home flooring can be covered to ensure there's no dust in the ventilation system that could cause long-term air quality problems.

KleenWrap is a product of Dublin, Ohio-based KleenDeck LLC, a maker of floor protection products. Gary Kadlec, owner of Kleendeck, said that taking the step of protecting the floor and duct work from contamination can really pay off.

"It goes down quickly,” Kadlec said. “Walls can be built right on top of it, and it can remain in place for months. And at about 20 cents per square foot, so $500 total for the average new home, the cost can easily be recovered by reduced and effective site cleaning."

Reducing poor indoor air quality is important because it can trigger a number of health issues, among them headaches, eye irritation, fatigue and nausea.

The last thing a new homeowner wants to see when he turns on the HVAC system is for dust and specks to spit from the vents.

"Long-term, somebody will be in the home for decades,"Kadlec said. "The bulk of benefits are far and away for the occupants of that structure."

Watch as Luis Imery of The Imery Group, builders of the Proud Green Home at Serenbe, explains some of the steps that were taken to ensure building site cleanliness during construction.



See another video about KleenWrap here.

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