LEED Platinum home features high performance windows and doors (video)

LEED Platinum home features high performance windows and doors (video)

The 2020 Alton home project in Miami Beach, Fla., has been awarded LEED Platinum status and is, to the best of public knowledge, the highest-scoring LEED home in the nation.

The 2020 Alton project is a joint effort of developer Matthew Lahn of the Florida Green Home Design Group and architect; Ari Sklar of Sklarchitecture. It scored 89.5 of a possible 120 points.

"This is a project of determination and all-time highs," said Drew Smith, president of Two Trails Green Building Consulting, a group directly affiliated with the 2020 Alton project. "One of the goals of this project was to aim high, very high, on the LEED point checklist. Achieving LEED points is easier when product manufacturers provide a range of great products designed and manufactured to do well on energy performance tests. With this home, we wanted to take advantage of the great views; installing high-performance windows certainly helped in the overall energy tests."

All doors and windows in this record-setting project were manufactured by CGI Windows & Doors.


Source: CGI Windows & Doors 

"When building a home like 2020 Alton, material selection is key," said Lahn. "Finding windows that achieve a maximum level of impact resistance while remaining super energy efficient and airtight is no easy task. CGI Estate Collection doors and windows meet and exceed these parameters, plus they offer superior quality, top-level fit and finish, flawless functionality and they're architecturally beautiful."

"Our Estate Collection windows and doors were the perfect match for this fantastic project," said Steven E. Dawson, executive vice president, sales, for CGI Windows & Doors. "We're proud to be a contributor to this historic LEED achievement.

The home include a wide of window and door products, including casements, fixed windows, project-outs, French doors and sliding glass doors in clear anodized finish that incorporate insulated, laminated Lo E 366 high-performance glass.

2020 Alton Overview

Starting with a lot size of 58 feet x 120 feet, the building team designed and constructed the 3,200-square foot home to maximize the lot restrictions. The main portion of the home is designed as a cube situated back from the busy street. An exposed masonry wall adds an additional layer of protection by wrapping the house on the north and west sides, thereby creating a private courtyard perfect for swimming. A lovely view of a nearby golf course is a bonus.

Additional achievements for 2020 Alton:

  • HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index: -8 (100 is normal for new construction);
  • Home Innovation Research Labs Green Certified: National Green Building Standard EMERALD (highest level), indicating that the home saves 60 percent or more of its energy use; and
  • Named an Energy Star ® Qualified Home:
  • Indoor airPLUS certified; and
  • Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Platinum certified.
  • All of these recognitions include the energy efficiency of windows and doors in their variables.

Green building features:

Water conservation

  • Water Sense faucets and fixtures
  • Landscaping features native species that require minimal irrigation
  • Rainwater cistern: 7,000 gallons
  • No chemicals required for pool sanitization

Indoor air quality

  • Sustainable wood cabinets made with zero-VOC paints and lacquers
  • Paperless mold resistant drywall
  • Low/No VOC paints and caulks

Energy efficiency

  • Spray foam insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Solar water heaters
  • Back up tankless water heater


  • Geothermal heat pumps handle heating and cooling as well as water heating

Renewable energy

  • 2 wind turbines
  • Solar PV panels: 11.5 kw 

Read more about energy-efficient windows and doors.

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