LEED Platinum Prefab Model Rated for Hurricane Zones (video)

LEED Platinum Prefab Model Rated for Hurricane Zones (video)

A 2,500-square-foot home for the South Florida market that is solar-powered, hurricane-resistant and made of renewable and recycled materials can be and installed in one day.

Construction crews can install the modular home in one day because it is 90 percent built in a Central Florida manufacturing plant.

“From order to installation, we can have a home completed and installed in 90 days on an owner’s site,” Karen Adams, founder and CEO of West Palm Beacn-based Green Dwellings, said in a statement.  “There is nothing else like this available either locally or in the nation. No one believes it’s a modular design until I show them the video of its factory construction and installation.”

Green Dwellings has installed the first model of the home at 201 Santa Lucia Drive in West Palm Beach. The home’s design meets the LEED Platinum standards of the U.S. Green Buildings Council.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom model is priced at $675,000. It is designed to resist hurricane-force winds up to 175 miles per hour.

Other features include solar panels on the room, a solar hot water heater with a capacity of 80 gallons, dual flush toilets and LED lighting. Options include a collection system that grabs rainwater for landscape irrigation.

Applicable to more than just single-family homes, the Green Dwelling process is adaptable to construction of multi-family residential buildings, office buildings and entire residential developments.

Key Green Building Features

  • Solar Electric Panels
  • Solar hot water heater
  • “Smart System” capable of controlling all functions from any mobile device
  • Energy Star rated AC system
  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets for clean indoor air
  • Energy star appliances
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Low flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Automatic ventilation fans in bathrooms to prevent mold
  • Tight thermal envelope
  • Hurricane rated-exposure D, Wind Velocity 180
  • No VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds] interior paints
  • All materials free of toxic gasses
  • Dramatically reduced electric bills –option to go off the grid completely with battery storage
  • Energy efficient LED lighting system
  • Manufacture warranty
  • Optional rain water collection system for irrigation

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