Managing air and water flow makes for a better building envelope

| by Gary Wollenhaupt
Managing air and water flow makes for a better building envelope

Air and water will find their way into any building. But smart builders provide a path that reduces the opportunity for damage to the other parts of the structure. Still, managing airflow and moisture in the building envelope is one of the most critical challenges in creating a high performance home.

Benjamin Obdyke provides roof ventilation and wall moisture management building products that enhance the building system to maximize the performance, durability, and value of a building's most critical elements.

For example, Benjamin Obdyke’s HomeSlicker was an integral component of the high-performance wall system in the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

Watch Benjamin Obdyke’s Tara Murray review the importance of airflow and moisture control in a high-performance wall system.

The HomeSlicker is a vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of that provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a thermal break and pressure equalization—eliminating the threat of trapped moisture.

It's mounted between the sheathing and the exterior cladding, whether it's cementitious or metal panel siding, both of which are found on the Proud Green Home at Serenbe.

Architect Chris-Laumer Giddens explained the Chris explained the need for rainscreen as part of a residential wall in his LG Squared Inc. blog:

The air space that is created by the rainscreen between the back of the cladding and the face of the water resistive barrier is designed to reduce the forces that draw water into the assembly. Water that does reach the back of the cladding is then permitted to drain from the wall assembly via the space created by the rainscreen.

In addition to the drainage capabilities, a rainscreen system also helps accelerate the drying of moisture-laden air (vapor) that accumulates in the interior wall assembly by moving air in a convective fashion throughout the cavity. Benjamin Obdyke offers a full line of rainscreen products specifically designed for use behind a variety of claddings including wood, fiber cement, manufactured stone, thin stone, and stucco.

The home also used the Blockade Mortar Deflection System. Designed specifically for use in brick wall cavities, the entangled matrix design of the Blockade system blocks mortar from clogging the weep holes and allows excess moisture to flow freely out of the wall cavity. The result is a brick wall that is built to stand the test of time and remains free from the deteriorating effects of mold and mildew.

"While the Proud Green Home is visually striking and unique, it is often the underlying materials that aren't visible that really differentiate the house," said Tara Murray, Marketing Manager at Benjamin Obdyke.

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