Manufactured Home Builder Highlights Energy Efficiency Features

Manufactured Home Builder Highlights Energy Efficiency Features

Affordable, manufactured housing can be as energy efficient as a super green custom built home for a lot less money.

Clayton Home Building Group, one of the largest builders of manufactured and modular homes in America, recently highlighted the latest energy-efficient options available in its factory built home line up.

Energy-efficient homes can save homeowners money, provide a quiet space with consistent temperatures and a healthy environment. Clayton builds homes in climate-controlled building facilities and is committed to sustainable green building practices by obtaining ISO 14001 registration for all of its building facilities. The company continually adds new construction processes and offers updated features to increase the energy efficiency of the homes it builds. ENERGY STAR certified homes are a popular option available on several Clayton Built home models and can help home buyers achieve even greater long-term energy savings.

"Energy standards for manufactured homes continue to improve," said President of Clayton home building group Keith Holdbrooks. "We're constantly adding new options that can lower homeowner energy consumption for better, long-term savings."

Energy efficiency starts with how a home is constructed. Here are a few available Clayton home features that can help lower homeowners' utility costs:

  • Effective Insulation allows central air conditioning units to operate more efficiently for both heating and cooling.
  • Low-E windows have an advanced window coating that helps with insulation and with blocking damaging UV sunlight that can discolor flooring and furniture.
  • Air management seals the home from outside elements, many of which cause allergies. Sealing holes, cracks and seams in ducts helps eliminate drafts, moisture, dust, pests and pollen and allows central air units to operate most efficiently.
  • Water heaters high-performance water heaters with thicker side walls provide higher insulation values and are better at retaining heat and using less energy.

"There are many advantages to having an energy-efficient home," Holdbrooks said. "We want our homeowners and their families to enjoy all the benefits and costs savings available for many years to come."

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