Minimize A Home's Carbon Footprint with Recycled Wood Doors

Minimize A Home's Carbon Footprint with Recycled Wood Doors

Minimizing a home’s carbon footprint does not have to be a lofty ideal, but instead, can be a stunning space saving solution that makes a lasting impression.

Josh Weltman of Historic Woodworks in Driggs, Idaho, was able to minimize his home’s carbon footprint and free up needed floor space with reclaimed wood from old pickle vats from a defunct Wisconsin factory. Weltman utilized Johnson Hardware’s 2610F Wall Mount Hardware, its 1601 Full Access Folding Door Hardware and the striking reclaimed wood to add distinctive charm throughout his home.

Reclaimed wood is wood rescued from occupying a landfill and given a new purpose. In 2007, 1.3 million tons of wood were reclaimed and repurposed for other uses. Additionally, recycled wood products offer credits, if certified, in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Each piece of reclaimed lumber carries its own character and history. In this case, the brine and vinegar soaked wood attributed to its wonderfully rich color. Repurposed wood also adds uniqueness and beauty to any space in the home as well as preserving natural resources.

“Preserving History through Recycling” is Historic Woodworks’ philosophy and the company accomplishes its mission through saving lumber from the AmericanLandscape.

“I see a valuable resource going to waste, and once you see how gorgeous this old wood is, nothing else even comes close to its beauty,” Weltman said.

Weltman was in a pickle of a situation when his bedroom and bathroom doors shared the same tight corner. He created new space by hanging each door with Johnson Wall Mount Hardware. It allowed the handsome reclaimed wood doors to glide effortlessly alongside the outer wall.

Similarly, the entryway to Weltman’s laundry room is crowded with an adjoining wall and an attached pantry, limiting accessibility.

With Johnson’s Full Access Folding Door Hardware, the doors, also old pickle vat wood, fold completely out of the entryway, flush with the wall. This allowed for increased access to the laundry room appliances.

It’s easy to boost the functionality of a home’s floor space and lower energy costs with pocket, sliding, wall mounted and bi-fold door hardware systems. They allow rooms in the home to be zoned. Zoning allows rooms that are not as frequently occupied to be kept at separate temperatures. This equates to lowered energy usage without forfeiting comfort or usable floor space.

The use of space-saving door hardware not only maximizes floor space, but can keep the cost of new construction lower. For every traditional hinged swinging door, up to 14 sq. ft. of floor space is lost. Each square foot can cost between $80 to $129. Imagine the savings of exchanging 10 swinging doors. That equates to a saving of $8,000-$12,900 and up to 100 square feet of functional floor space.

Johnson 2610F Wall Mount Hardware allows doors weighing up to 200lbs. to be mounted to interior walls. For doors weighing up to 400 lbs., use the Series 200 Wall Mount Hardware.

“I wanted to include a pocket door in my bathroom, but since my walls are not plumb, I turned to the 2610F Wall Mount hardware from Johnson Hardware,” explains Weltman.

The flexibility and variety of Johnson Hardware propels design and sustainability in the home. A remodeler or experienced do-it-yourselfer can usually complete this project in less than an hour.

When asked about the installation process, Weltman states, “Installation is super easy. That is why I chose Johnson Hardware for every interior door in my home and recommend Johnson products to my customers.” Reclaimed wood minimizes our consumption of new timber, conserves landfill space, lessens carbon footprints, and facilitates the sustainability of our environment, all while enhancing a home’s unique character.

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