Money matters: Homeowners passing energy conservation test

| by Steve Arel
Money matters: Homeowners passing energy conservation test

Americans are making the grade when it comes to saving energy, a new study shows.

Homeowners generally scored high marks for curbing usage, according to the annual Lennox Home Energy Report Card. But many want additional lessons on how to do more to cut power and expenses.

“Most homeowners recognize that improving the energy efficiency of their household to save energy and reduce electricity bills doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort,” said Brittani Youman, an energy efficiency expert for Lennox.

More the 90 percent of homeowners take steps to conserve energy, from installing programming thermostats to installing more efficient HVAC systems. Setting thermostats to automatically adjust indoor temperatures when they’re away is the most common move made by occupants with 55 percent doing so, the study found.

To cut back on energy, nearly a third of homeowners (31 percent) said they would turn up or turn off the thermostat, while another 28 percent said they would unplug appliances.

Despite savings advances, there is room for improvement. Some 38 percent of respondents rated themselves a C or worse when asked to assign a letter grade to how well the conserve energy at home. Most – 47 percent – gave themselves a B.

Many, though, won’t sacrifice comfort for savings. Only 37 percent would raise their thermostat stat as much as six degrees if it meant saving $50 a month.

The Lennox report found that nearly a quarter of homeowners even turn off their HVAC systems altogether during hot and cold snaps in attempts to lower energy bills. Such efforts, experts say, actually can inflate costs as those systems must work harder to make indoor temperatures comfortable when they’re turned back on.




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Money matters: Homeowners passing energy conservation test