Montana Earthship home ready for residents (photos)

Montana Earthship home ready for residents (photos)

Montana's first earthship home is open for demonstrations to showcase sustainable building and living practices. An open house is scheduled for August 10.

The home was built by Seven Directions, a leader in healthy and sustainable living along with Earthship Biotecture to create a home that is completely self-sufficient with all the amenities of a modern home.

This is a thermal mass passive solar home that generates its own electricity, recycles water, maintains a comfortable climate year-round, and grows its own food. Free from public utilities, the house is entirely off-the-grid.

The entire house is powered by the solar panels lining the roof.

USAToday reports that earthship homes have been around since the 1970s, and there are about 2,000 around the world. Typically earthship homes are solar-heated buildings constructed of tires that recycle water and are off the electric grid.

The on-site building of the home, which started in May, was led by Michael Reynolds, a visionary in sustainable architecture. Michael has 40 years of experience refining the science behind these homes, building them in all climates around the world.

Recycled glass bottles add color and light to the doorway.

The core of this home was built in 4 weeks by Earthship Biotecture’s team and more than 30 interns from all over the world seeking hands-on Biotecture building experience. Seven Directions along with local contractors from southwest Montana completed the home over the next 2 months.

"My goal is to utilize this Earthship as an inspirational and educational tool," said Seven Directions founder Scott Maybee. "We can live truly sustainable lives in sync with our planet without sacrificing any modern comforts."

Stained concrete and exposed timbers give the room a modern Montana look.

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