New Denver development includes Energy Star-rated homes with solar power (Photos)

New Denver development includes Energy Star-rated homes with solar power (Photos)

Look for lots of smart touches that make life easier—and greener—in the Brookfield Homes models in the Midtown at Clear Creek Development in Denver.

Ranging in size from 1,997 to 2,228 square feet, the Residence Two, Four and Five models contain smart features for modern living such as USB ports in key outlets; HDMI hookups in basements; handheld shower and bath fixtures for children, aging adults and other handy applications; and big-box closets for oversize purchases.

See photos of the Brookfield Homes Energy Star home design.

“Our goal was to stretch the Colorado home-buying expectations, encouraging consumers to demand homes that help set the stage for modern living,” said Brookfield Homes of Colorado General Manager Perry Cadman.

All Brookfield Homes of Colorado homes are built to EnergyStar specifications, with energy efficiency ratings among the best in the state.

The most innovative solar power system, DOW Powerhouse Solar Shingles, is provided with every new home, at no extra cost. Powerhouse Solar Shingles incorporate solar cells into roofing shingles.In line with "Home Evolved" philosophy, the homes have rear entries with “drop stations,” where children can stash their schoolbooks, adults can unburden themselves of shopping bags, and everybody can store their winter clothing or summer sports equipment.

In the kitchen, low cabinets allow children to exercise their meal-making independence. And a hybrid hot-water system improves upon the eco friendly tankless system by supplementing it with a small tank for hot water on demand.

Eventually, Brookfield will offer at least five different models at the new Midtown development. For now, the three models have opened for public tours. The models are priced from the mid-$300s they come with various floor plans offering two, three or four bedrooms.

The development is just a 10-minute drive from downtown Denver, and within walking distance of the new transit lines (Gold Line, Northwest Light Rail) planned for 2016. Additional neighborhood amenities include the adjacent Clear Creek hiking/jogging/biking trail, plus plans for a 47-acre park (with dog park), community garden with garden shed, and numerous retail shops. 

Designed by three different award winning architects from across the country, the Brookfield Homes models feature distinctive, sharp roof lines, an abundance of windows and a sense of continuity from room to room that underscores the flexible space available to residents.

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