New DIY Tool Changes the Way Homeowners Go Solar

New DIY Tool Changes the Way Homeowners Go Solar

A new online tool makes it easy for homeowners to measure, design and get savings for solar installations and roofing projects.

The public solution tool Draw My Roof from Montreal-based software company Sofdesk, helps homeowners make an educated decision using a free and interactive tool.

Sofdesk's CEO Lennie Moreno vision behind Draw My Roof is to simplify and accelerate the process of going solar.

"Why shouldn't homeowners have access to similar tools that solar pros are using? If these tools are easy to use, allow you to get the financial details and basic information that you need to go solar, you'll have a clearer idea of what you want, know the system size you need and have a say in the design of your solar panel system" Moreno said.

With all factors taken into consideration: presence of trees, vents, pipes and other obstacles that can significantly impact the final results, Sofdesk's solar tool gives users a clear idea of what the home will look like with the panels installed, as well as the savings breakdown and environmental impact.

Draw My Roof is functional in all 50 States and uses an aggregated pricing average based on thousands of local quotes being created for turnkey solutions and the calculations include the 30 percent Federal tax incentive. As part of Sofdesk's goal to make it easy for homeowners to go solar, SunTrust financing solutions is integrated into Draw My Roof to help qualify clients and better calculate monthly payments.

Sofdesk also implemented a referral program to drive more users to go solar that allows users to send friends the link to design their own system. For each homeowner that requests an in-depth estimated quote for solar panels, their friend who sent the referral could receive a finder's fee.

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