New Ductless Mini Splits Handle Single and Multi-Zone Duties

New Ductless Mini Splits Handle Single and Multi-Zone Duties

A new line of high-efficiency heat pumps from Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. offer an extended operating range from minus 13 to 122 degrees F and can handle residential heating loads up to 48,000 Btuh.

Bosch launched the new line of high-efficiency Climate 5000 Ductless Minisplit Heat Pump Systems that are available for single-zone or multi-zone applications. These ultra-quiet, inverter-driven heat pump systems operate with indoor sound levels as low as 20 dBA in “silent mode,” which is quieter than a whisper at a library.

These minisplit systems offer quiet comfort with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating of up to 22, far exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirement of at least 14 SEER for minisplit systems.

The intuitive indoor air handler regulates temperature levels in each room, and can be programmed for automatic operation. The “Follow Me” feature uses a remote sensor to heat or cool toward a set temperature based on a user’s location. The unit’s “turbo” feature speeds up the unit when users desire faster, on-demand comfort. 

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installation is simplified with easy mounting of the indoor air handler and quick connection of the refrigerant lines and electrical connections. The unit requires only a three-inch-diameter or smaller opening to run the entire line set. No ductwork is required, making the system perfect for tight spaces or areas where technicians cannot install ductwork, helping to eliminate potentially messy renovation work. Multi-zone system installation is made even easier with the auto-correction function, which verifies and automatically compensates for wiring/piping errors between indoor units and the outdoor section of the system.

The integrated multi-part filter system refreshes and cleans circulating air by reducing potential odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Additionally, the system traps dust, pollen, mites and other particles that plague people with allergies. The self-cleaning mode helps remove additional particles as well as moisture via water-wicking Blue Fin technology, thereby reducing mildew buildup.

The Climate 5000 Minisplit Heat Pump Single-Zone Systems are available in four capacities ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 Btuh, in both 115/120V (up to 12,000 Btuh) and 208/230V power requirements. An electronic expansion valve works together with smart inverter technology (variable speed compressor) to achieve the highest efficiency of a SEER 22 rating. 

Climate 5000 Minisplit Heat Pump Systems are also available for multi-zone applications. The multi-zone systems enable one condensing section to be paired with two to five indoor air handlers. Multi-zone condensing sections are available in four capacities from 18,000 Btuh to 48,000 Btuh, in 208/230V.

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