New electric vehicles promise longer range and lower price tags (video)

New electric vehicles promise longer range and lower price tags (video)

The next generation of electric vehicles is on the drawing board, with automakers focusing on making them more affordable.

General Motors executives told USAToday that the company is working on an electric vehicle that can go 200 miles per charge at a cost of about $30,000, a top company executive said.

Currently, GM offers the the $35,000 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, which can travel 38 miles on electricity before a gas-powered generator starts up. It also sells the all-electric Chevy Spark subcompact with a range of 82 miles on a charge, with a sticker price starting at $26,685. Electric cars are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Ford, Honda, Nissan and Toyota also offer electric and hybrid vehicles.

GM's 200-mile car would cost about the same as the current Volt, which is a much cheaper alternative to Tesla Motors' $71,000, all-electric Model S. The Model S can go up to 265 miles on a single charge.

So far, cars powered solely by batteries make up only 0.3 percent of U.S. sales, according to the Polk automotive research firm.

According to USAToday, Tesla is also working on a lower-priced model with a 200-mile range.

In the mean time, GM is working on the next generation Volt, which is slated to have a longer range and a lower price tag.

Automakers have partnered with technology companies to deliver home and commercial charging stations. 

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