New home automation switch connects with Nest thermostat

New home automation switch connects with Nest thermostat

As homeowners integrate more smart products, manufacturers are making sure different components can talk to each other.

Wemo, the award-winning smart home brand from Belkin International, announced its Works with Nest integration, enabling all Wemo switch products to connect with the Nest Learning Thermostat. With the new integration, users have the ability to easily create and maintain a more comfortable, safe and energy efficient home.

"We're thrilled to join the Works with Nest program, as it opens up a new world of convenience and comfort to Wemo users," said Peter Taylor, vice president of products for Wemo. "Going beyond remote control, smart timers and voice control, working with Nest makes life easier because your house can automatically welcome you home, or make sure everything is safely turned off when you leave."

Through the integration, any device connected to a Wemo switch can turn on or off when the Nest Thermostat is in Home or Away mode. For example, a fan can turn on automatically when Nest goes into Away mode so that air continues to circulate and keep the house cool without wasting excess energy. Or the living room lights can turn on when the Nest Thermostat is in Home mode so that the room's lighting is perfect as soon as someone walks in. Home and Away can also help ensure devices that get hot – heaters, irons, hair straighteners – turn off automatically upon leaving, making the home safer and giving users greater peace of mind.

Wemo users can also control basic functions of their Nest Thermostat directly through the Wemo app, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between apps. Basic features include checking the thermostat's status, viewing the current temperature and humidity, changing the Home or Away mode, and setting the target temperature.

Wemo products that now work with Nest include the Wemo SwitchWemo Insight SwitchWemo Light Switch and Wemo Maker.

"The beauty of working with Nest is the ability to extend control of household devices and lighting to a more unified experience, beyond the Wemo app," continued Taylor. "This is especially handy for families as everyone may not have a smartphone or the Wemo app installed. It adds yet another layer of convenience to help manage busy lives."

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