New patio doors with built-in screens blend indoor and outdoor living

New patio doors with built-in screens blend indoor and outdoor living

Patio doors with built-in screens and shades let homeowners make the most of their indoor and outdoor living spaces with uninterrupted views of the world.

Centor Integrated Doors, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of beautiful, eco-friendly doors, screens and hardware, introduced its new "integrated doors" to the U.K. market in October after a highly successful launch in the U.S.

"The industry hasn't seen anything like this ever before - it could well be the most exciting innovation in the window and door industry since folding doors," said Centor Europe General Manager Peter Watkins. "We've invested years of R&D into creating this new category and have 14 international patents pending. Everyone who has seen these doors so far has been amazed and delighted with the flawless operation and sleek aesthetics."

Centor Integrated Doors with built-in screens and shades enable indoor/outdoor living, all day, all year round.

Fully integrated insect screens as well as blackout and sun shades discretely appear from and retract into the doorframe, maintaining clean lines and design aesthetics without the need for cumbersome curtains or blinds. Also, the hinges, locks and handles are all concealed within the slim sight lines to minimize visual interference, as well as enhance smooth operation and provide advanced security.

Innovative screens and shades appear from and disappear into the frame on demand, without compromising aesthetics

With fingertip ease, homeowners can now optimize their living environment, all year round to choose fresh air and open views, partial or total privacy, or to protect themselves and their furnishings from harsh UV rays and unwanted insects.

"Until now, there has always been some degree of compromise - large doors offer great views, but little privacy; curtains detract from clean interior design and insect screens are only needed occasionally," said Centor Managing Director Nigel Spork. "These doors bring people closer to nature while ensuring their homes are comfortable 24 hours a day, every day of the year."

You can take control of your living environment, adjusting privacy, airflow and protection from insects and sunlight with a fingertip.

The new integrated doors fill living spaces with light and fresh air in the summer months, while also offering filter screens that slide smoothly out of the doorframe for protection from strong sunlight and insects.

"At night, the integrated blackout shades offer privacy and act like another layer of glazing, keeping homes warmer in winter. When they're not in use, these screens and shades completely vanish into the doorjamb, so there's no distraction from the clean aesthetics of the living space and minimal barriers to the world outside," Watkins said.

Designed for all architectural styles and large exterior openings up to 9.75 metres wide, Centor Integrated Doors are available in a variety of configurations, including two and three-panel sliding, folding, French and single patio doors.

Centor Integrated Doors are manufactured in the UK to customer specifications. Built to last, they are available with the warmth of solid wood on the inside and durable low maintenance aluminum on the outside as well as a complete thermally improved aluminum construction. Homeowners can choose between blackout and sun shades as well as insect screen options. The shade is available in a wide range of colours and textures, while the insects are kept at bay with a choice of two different mesh sizes.

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