NY State Agency's Fun Video Shorts Educate About Energy Audits (videos)

| by David Serchuk
NY State Agency's Fun Video Shorts Educate About Energy Audits (videos)

The video opens with Wendy, a young, blond, married woman, at her table. She holds a bird cage, and wears a seashell pink sweater.

“For Russell and me our home was a love-at-first-site kind of thing,” she said, smiling. “But then we got an energy bill and I saw another side of Russell.”

Then we see Russell, a tall, somewhat gangly, ginger-haired man, dialing down the thermostat. Wendy dials it back up, they do it again, and so on. Eventually Russell bolts the top of the birdcage over the meter to keep her from fiddling with it.

The video is titled “Irreconcilable Temperatures” and was shot by the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority. There are five videos in the series and each video is from two to three and a half minutes long. The videos are listed on NYSERDA’s site, or can be found on YouTube.

The videos are shot in the mock-umentary style popularized by “The Office” and “Modern Family.”

The first video has gotten 8400 hits on YouTube. The sequel videos, which show how the young couple actually learned howto save energy, via free home energy audits and the like, have garneredclose to 1700 hits total.

What do the young couple learn? For one they learn that they can qualify for low-interest loans to pay for upgrades recommended by the audit. Meaning they won’t have to sell Russell’s “Presidential Sock collection” to pay for the work. They also learn they can pay most of their loans through the they will now save—it’s all on one bill. In addition, they learn that before they can assess whether to buy a new furnace or windows the home’s leaks need to to be sealed. Russell then teaches this lesson to their know-it-all tri-athlete neighbor, Olivia.

Obviously the goal here is to painlessly educate TV-watching consumers via comedy.

By the fifth video, all lessons learned, the young couple is on their sofa, arguing over whose idea it was to get the audit in the first place. Spoiler alert: it was Wendy’s.

Episode One: Up, Down. Hot, Cold. Love Takes Energy

Episode Two: Wait, It Gets Better

Episode Three: Put the Upgrades On Our Bill

Episode Four: The Whole House

Episode Five: Irreconcilable Reflections


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