Passive home design wins award competition

| by Teena Hammond
Passive home design wins award competition

The Live/Work/Home design is the winner of the From The Ground Up Housing Competition. The home, designed by Cook+Fox Architects in NYC, features low-tech passive strategies to make the home green and also affordable for homeowners.

The home was built on a narrow lot in an inner city neighborhood in Syracuse, NY. It is projected to receive LEED Platinum certification.

This new urban home features multiple skylights to maximize daylight even during winter months. A perforated screen in front of the home reflects daylight into the house, and the garage-type front door allows for privacy when closed to create a secure, open-air anteroom.

The home is constructed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to create a tight exterior envelope with cross ventilation on the north-south axis, high-performance MERV-13 filters and CO2 sensors to circulate healthy, filtered air. A radiant floor heating system is in place. In addition, wood from the home previously located on the lot was salvaged and repurposed into flooring.

Additional photos of this passive home design are featured in a ProudGreenHome slideshow.

For more information, see our Building a Green Home research center.

All photos ©Cook+Fox Architects.

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