PeeWee toilet offers high efficiency in a small package

PeeWee toilet offers high efficiency in a small package

Photo courtesy of Gerber.

Gerber has added a water saving model to its PeeWee line of children’s toilets. The new model offers a 1.28 gallons per flush/4.8 liters per flush high-efficiency option replacing its previous 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf model.

The new PeeWee Children’s 2-piece High Efficiency Toilet is a customized option for facilities such as daycares, schools and other places where young children spend much of their day.  The toilet serves as a comfortable piece for the children while helping the building save water and money.

In addition, the product is a fun match for many builders and remodelers as they create a children’s bathroom. The PeeWee can be an attention-getting piece also perfect for model homes and showrooms.

“Daycare facilities are a perfect match for the new PeeWee toilet,” says Lovin Saini, Gerber’s senior product manager.  “There were nearly 888,000 daycare businesses in the US alone in 2014 and the industry will continue to see growth rates at nearly 2.6 percent annual over the next three years. Each of them needs a smart, comfortable option for their toilets.”

The PeeWee 1.28 HET is custom designed for young children.  Unlike others on the market, the Gerber product provides a standard lid lock feature for child safety and has a larger footprint for renovations with a smaller vertical height, which means it can fit in more daycare bathrooms).

Other features of the PeeWee include:

  • 3” flush valve to ensure high flushing performance
  • Dual fed siphon jet for a clean bowl after each use
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • 10-inch rough-in
  • Gravity fed


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