PHOTOS: Stone veneers rock with green options for architects and builders

| by Gary Wollenhaupt
PHOTOS: Stone veneers rock with green options for architects and builders

A new Spanish-style home in the Southwest United States features an array of stone veneer products made from recycled content that create visual impact with a rich blend of shapes and textures.

Architect Neal Aronson created the house and specified the use of a variety of stone profiles on the interior and exterior. Aronson chose four profiles of StoneCraft manufactured stone veneer, by the Tapco Group, for use throughout the home on a full family room wall, the kitchen bar, a two-story foyer wall, the two-story fireplace and the balconies and columns of the home’s façade.

See pictures of the home featuring stone veneer products.

“Ninety percent of people, if not more, aren’t going to know if this is natural stone or manufactured stone veneer, Aronson said. “The quality and the aesthetics of the StoneCraft on the interior and exterior are great.”

According to StoneCraft, the stone veneer products contain 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content and weigh much less than natural quarried stone.

“This makes it easier to work with for the masons, and also consumes less fuel during transportation,” said Jonathan Wierengo, director of marketing for The Tapco Group, maker of StoneCraft.

StoneCraft is fully re-usable and recyclable after the life of its initial installation. Because of its recycled and recyclable content, StoneCraft qualifies for green building credits in various certification programs.

Wierengo noted that StoneCraft has a base ingredient of shale, unlike some other pumice-based stone veneers which is porous and therefore prone to failure risk with freeze and thaw cycles. StoneCraft is also hand-colored for authenticity.

“Homeowners like stone veneer because it makes a distinct difference in the look and feel of their home,” said Kat Hildreth, chief estimator for Iovino Masonry, the company that installed the stone. “To some people, stone veneer makes it cozy, especially on the inside of their home. If they’ve got a fireplace with just a hearth on it, when they put up stone veneer it actually feels like a fireplace should – warmer and more traditional.”

The traditional feeling extends to the staircase wall, which used the Cobble product to blanket the wall in a saturating field of varying gray tones. The stones’ weather-worn edges and sandstone texture create solid appeal, contrasting with a simple metal staircase and the airiness of a long spiral-shaped chandelier.

For the home’s gathering places, the traditionally-styled Heritage profile provides rugged charm on a full family room wall and on the kitchen bar. Its linear shape and handcrafted, chiseled look combine for a distinctive, timeless appearance. These stones’ Pennsylvania coloring blends a variety of smoky grays and browns, creating a deep palette on the wall. On the bar, the stones’ bold texture complements the sheen of the kitchen’s stainless-steel appliances and lustrous, dark cabinetry.  

On the home’s exterior, StoneCraft’s angular Fieldstone in the Bucktown color provides a rustic touch and adds dimension to the contemporary stucco façade done in tones reminiscent of caramel and khaki. It’s also found around the bases of the posts that flank the entryway, as well as on the façade’s two second-floor balconies.

Including the four used on the home, StoneCraft produced a total of nine stone profiles, ranging from smooth water-worn looks to deeply-ridged contours and jagged angles with some profiles available in as many as nine colors.

“When homeowners are educated on their options, stone veneer presents a natural, earthy, attractive look,” Aronson said.

For more information, see our Building Green Research Center.

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