Pick up a Tiny House kit at the home store

Pick up a Tiny House kit at the home store

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Tiny houses are making a big splash in the home market, and now you can pick up a home kit at a retail store.

84 Lumber introduced Tiny Livingby 84 Lumber, its new line of portable tiny homes. The introduction of Tiny Living makes 84 Lumber the first-ever major retailer and only large building-materials retailer to tap into this new market and offer competitively priced custom-built houses no bigger than 200 square feet. 

84 Lumber offers four tiny home models under three packages to accommodate dedicated do-it-yourselfers who want to build their own houses, those who want a move-in ready home, and everyone in between. Each model can be customized and all range in size from 150 square feet to 200 square feet (the typical U.S. home is about 2,600 square feet). 84 Lumber brings more accessibility and affordability to the tiny home market by delivering Tiny Living to homeowners around the country.

Tiny home homeowners are choosing financial freedom and a reduced environmental footprint over square footage. Tiny homes are more economically and environmentally friendly — requiring less energy and needing fewer building materials than traditionally larger homes. Another bonus: These tiny abodes come equipped with tandem axle trailers, allowing homeowners to take their living spaces wherever life may lead.

"The tiny home movement lies perfectly at the intersection of 84 Lumber's expertise in high-quality building materials and green building best practices," said Maggie Hardy Magerko, President and Owner of 84 Lumber. "With our national footprint and commitment to the dedicated do-it-yourselfer, we are uniquely positioned to become a part of this new path to homeownership, and are excited to offer Tiny Living on a national scale."

Tiny Living's first model home, the Roving, is available for purchase here

The homes are both functional and stylish. They range from a cottage style, perfect for a rustic area, to a high-end modern design, perfect for one of the up-and-coming small home communities outside large metropolitan cities. Homeowners can customize the homes' fits and finishes. Models to be launched later this year are the Degsy, the Shonsie, and the Evergreen. Packages start at $6,884 for a custom trailer and home plans.

Tiny Living by 84 Lumber Is Available in Three Package Options:

Build Your Own: Trailer + Plans:  This DIY package for Tiny Living by 84 Lumber includes the architectural blueprints for one of the tiny home models, a materials list, and a trailer built to meet the requirements of the selected house. The trailer will be outfitted with a subfloor and ready for walls. All materials on the list and essentials to build a tiny home can be purchased at a local 84 Lumber.

Semi-DIY: Tiny Home Shell + Trailer + Plans:  The Semi-DIY package includes a "shelled in" tiny house placed on a custom trailer, complete with windows, a door, and a shower. The package also comes equipped with the architectural blueprints and a materials list for DIYers to add their own exterior and interior finishing touches.

Move-in Ready: Fully Outfitted Tiny Home: A completed tiny house that is fully outfitted both inside and out. The home is built on a custom trailer and ready for move-in and immediate travel. These homes take eight to ten weeks for custom completion.

Read more about Living Large in Tiny Houses.


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