Pre-cast concrete walls stand up to Hurricane Sandy

Pre-cast concrete walls stand up to Hurricane Sandy

With many coastal areas of New Jersey taking the full brunt of Hurricane Sandy’s damaging effects, it’s surprising that any structures survived.

But once the floodwaters cleared, several homeowners with Superior Walls foundation systems found they could quickly and easily return to their homes. As opposed to concrete blocks or poured concrete, precast concrete panels by Superior Walls are steel-reinforced and created in the manufacturing process with DOW Styrofoam boards, which provide excellent rigid foam insulation. The resulting wall panels provide a dry, warm, damp-resistant and exceptionally energy-efficient foundation for a home.

Scott and Sherri Nevins included Superior Walls in the 2009 construction of their Barnegat, N.J. home. When they evacuated 12 hours before Hurricane Sandy struck, they had no idea what they’d find when they returned. Several days later the couple came back and was amazed at the damage in their neighborhood --- and even more astonished at their own home.

“We found lots of debris around our home and a little sand in the garage,” said Scott Nevins. “We sprayed out the garage and that was it --- cleanup done! “Initially we selected the product because it provided a straight foundation for the framer and it wouldn’t sway like a house on pilings. Since this is a windy location, we also liked the idea that the garage was airtight with the Superior Walls foundation. Now, when we look around and see the extensive damage other homeowners face, we’re exceptionally grateful that we selected this precast concrete system.”

Nevins pointed out that there was no sheet rock or insulation mess in his garage from the flood waters to clean up after the storm. The surge of 18 inches of water in his garage was easily cleaned up and life went back to normal for the family.

In Ortley Beach, N.J., one of the hardest-hit areas from the storm, builders were amazed that an under-construction Superior Walls foundation was completely unaffected by the hurricane. Total devastation surrounds the construction site that was undamaged by the storm.

“There are numerous stories of Superior Walls projects simply defying Mother Nature in New Jersey during this storm,” says John Ruga with Northeast Precast Superior Walls. “One home in Strathmere, N.J. was left completely unharmed by the hurricane while neighboring houses were severely damaged. This particular house has above grade Superior Walls with flood vents. As the waters rose, they went through the vents and let the house with little to no damage.”

For homeowners, the benefits of Superior Walls foundations systems are substantial. The energy-efficient walls help lower energy costs and reduce energy leakage while providing increased living space in a comfortable setting. Builders also benefit from saved job site time and labor when certified Superior Walls installation crews set the walls in place in less than one day, so that home construction can immediately begin the following day.

Each Superior Walls panel is custom made to the specifications of an individual home, including built-in openings for windows and doors. Pre-engineered access for wiring or small plumbing elements along with smart stud facing for easy drywall installation are included and help speed up the installation process.

Superior Walls insulated precast concrete wall systems have earned the Green Approved Product designation by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center.

For more information, see our Concrete Forms Research Center.

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