Prefab home line debuts first pitched roof model perfect for snowy climates

Prefab home line debuts first pitched roof model perfect for snowy climates

Prefabricated modernist homes often feature a flat roof line, for both manufacturing and aesthetic reasons. LivingHomes, developer of modern, sustainably designed prefabricated homes has launched its first design to feature a pitched roof.

The LivingHome C6P was designed in response to customer demand.

“We have often had requests for LivingHomes that feature pitched roofs,” said Steve Glenn, CEO of LivingHomes. “The C6P has options that make it perfect for hot, dry environments as well as those with lots of snow. Most of the LivingHomes’ staff skis or snowboards so, selfishly, we’re hoping some of our clients build LivingHomes near slopes – and they let us do lots of ski-season ‘inspections.’”

The 1288 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, C6P is available now in most states for $199,000 ($155/sf). The C6P can be fully constructed in less than two months and installed on-site in one day. Consumers can get complete information about the C6P and create a Virtual LivingHome C6P, with their choice of finishes and fixtures.

The sloped roof helps the prefab home stand up to heavy snow loads, perfect for ski-area living.

C6P Design Features

The C6P was designed by LivingHomes staff, and was inspired by the remarkable modern homes built by developer Joe Eichler throughout California in the 50s and 60s as well as the modern ranch homes designed by Cliff May. Like many Eichler Homes, the C6P is organized around a courtyard that is accessible through a variety of openings and features an open floor plan that is ideal for indoor/outdoor lifestyles.

  • The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom LivingHome includes:
  • Vaulted ceiling in the kitchen/dining/living space.
  • Cork floors, wood ceilings, and natural wood millwork.
  • Multiple sliding glass doors accessing the backyard and courtyard.
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass, clerestory windows, light tubes, and transom windows.
  • Ample storage, particularly in the kitchen.
  • Optional roof structure for up to 100 pounds per square foot for snow loads.
  • Cedar or reclaimed siding as an option.

C6P Environmental Features

The C6P is the first Energy Star certified production home with a LEED Platinum level environmental program and Cradle to Cradle inspired products. It is also achieves most of LivingHomes’ Z6 Environmental Goals: Zero Energy, Zero Water, Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Zero Ignorance.

  • Zero Energy: Energy efficient lighting and appliances, smart heating/AC control system to reduce power usage. Most LivingHomes have integrated photovoltaics to cover 100% of the homes needs.
  • Zero Carbon/Waste: Recycled materials & Cradle to Cradle inspired materials. Carbon off-set included in purchase price to counter energy used to create the home.
  • Zero Water: Low flow water fixtures. Grey water ready system.
  • Zero Emissions: No VOC paint. Formaldehyde-free millwork.
  • Zero Ignorance: Real time feedback on energy usage.

Making homes that are smaller and more efficient is a major goal of sustainable design and C6P’s size, 1,288 square feet, is well below the national average of 2,380 sf for new homes (NAHB, 2011). 

Read more about home designs and plans.

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